"When it comes to gaming companies, having services run 24/7 is a must, so we're happy to know that Alibaba Cloud's technical support team can always respond quickly to any problems that may arise." - Hari Kurniawan, Indofun IT Manager

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About Indofun

Indofun Games is the leading mobile game provider in Indonesia, whose prides itself in providing entertaining games and having excellent services for its customers. Indofun provides fun and exciting online games to customers throughout the diverse mountainous and island landscape of Indonesia.


Indofun requires a strong network where the image and audio quality of games can be maintained in real-time, and games can load and be downloaded quickly, so as not to take away from the fun. However, as the number of gamers increases, this has become increasingly difficult for Indofun to maintain. This is compounded by the fact that Indonesia is a country made up of thousands upon thousands of islands and is also mountainous. Therefore, Indofun must not only have the computing services and networking infrastructure to service big city gamers but also those players located in rural and remote areas of Indonesia.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud offers one of the most complete and mature cloud computing service packages with a portfolio of products, services, and solutions that can meet all of Indofun's requirements. In particular, Alibaba Cloud's large set of products features stable performance, reliable networks, and service nodes located closer to Indofun's customers. And with Alibaba Cloud's computing, storage, database, and network service solutions, Indofun can be confident that it can reach its customers throughout Indonesia, including those in remote locations, providing a superior gaming experience with minimal lag and fast load times.


Alibaba Cloud provides Indofun with core computing and storage products like Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Server Load Balancer (SLB), as well as Block Storage and Object Storage Service (OSS). On top of this, database services such as ApsaraDB for Redis and ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, as well as Data Transmission Service (DTS), have allowed such imperative background operations as regular data backups and data synchronization to be increasingly automated, allowing for much less manual intervention, thus streamlining the maintenance and operations work of Indofun's technical support team. Alibaba Cloud also provides networking service solutions of Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Elastic IP (EIP) to Indofun. In particular, by deploying 11+ local CDN nodes, Alibaba Cloud can ensure that games can be delivered with superior graphics quality and downloaded faster no matter where the end player is located. And through the service package that EIP offers, Alibaba Cloud maintains superior network quality through leveraging the service packages that local Internet Service Providers offer in the local cloud network infrastructure, thus ensuring superior network quality.

Looking Forward

Moving forward, Indofun hopes to continue to leverage the service solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud to continue to provide superior quality services and be agile in its ability to continue to serve its diverse body of customers across Indonesia. As a part of this, Indofun looks forward to continuing its digital transformation with the service solutions that Alibaba Cloud has to offer.