"All in all, we’ve been very impressed partnering with Alibaba Cloud and, looking into the future, we hope to strengthen our cooperation and offer even better services to our customers globally."

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About HP China

HP entered China 35 years ago and ever since it has positively contributed to the development of Chinese economy. Starting from a little garage from Silicon Valley, over time it has grown to become the world’s leading technology company in printing and personal systems. Its vision remains to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere.


HP has a large product portfolio with a global customer base, which requires a world-class service to help customers optimize their experiences through digitalization. As its business continues to grow, the volume of customer enquiries also increases extensively. Given the range of products, as well as the increasing need for prompt services by its customers globally, HP needed to optimize its traditional remote support model. Previously, the call center agent had to handle service requests via phone or email manually. Given the sheer volume of customers, from both corporate and individual clients as well as the increasing complexity, it needed to transform its traditional call center into a faster, more cost-efficient service that utilizes cloud technology and artificial intelligence.

Why Alibaba Cloud

HP China's Cooperation with Alibaba Cloud To that end, HP China started its strategic cooperation with Alibaba Cloud in 2019. It has conducted an open process of assessing potential partners to establish the next generation of HP virtual service hub. Owing to Alibaba Cloud's status as the leading public cloud service provider in Asia, along with its strong product capabilities in AI and a robust ecosystem, HP can offer better services to its customers throughout the region with this partnership. This has been especially useful in helping customers accelerate their digital transformation, especially given the pandemic situation.


Alibaba Cloud's Solution and Value Leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s powerful AI engine, HP China optimized its service resource allocation. With Intelligent AI robots answering customer enquiries in a more automatic manner, its employees could spare their time on more sophisticated tasks. If a robot is unable to solve the problem immediately, it can escalate the problem to more suitable personnel to handle it. Ultimately, this greatly enhanced efficiency, saving more cost while improving the customer experience. In addition to the automatic response, the Intelligent Robot service can also answer phone calls, analyzing customer issues through audio or video. Depending on the enquires, the robot can solve the problem directly or assign it to a corresponding team member. Intelligent Robot can also create records of incoming enquiries and automatically create a system ticket. In general, Alibaba Cloud has offered HP China a comprehensive, end-to-end AI customer service solution with four outstanding features: Omni-channel Touch Point, Full media Interaction, Intelligent Customer Service, and Full Information Management. This solution allowed HP China to improve its efficiency, raise its service standard, and improve user experience while reducing operational costs.

Looking Forward

All in all, HP China has been very impressed with its partnership with Alibaba Cloud. Looking into the future, it hopes to strengthen the cooperation and offer even better services to its customers globally.