“Alibaba Cloud provided reliable infrastructure, which allowed us to deploy our application with faster and cheaper, which dramatically improved our time to market.”

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About FreshGo

It's no secret that retail is changing. More consumers prefer to shop via a mouse click rather than a stole to the local supermarket. Our lives have gotten busier, and the latest tech gives consumers tools to make everything easier, not just shopping. For offline retailers tailoring to this new consumer model has been hard and when one thinks about the latest in retail and eCommerce, one might not of a fish market, but that didn't stop FreshGo which designed an APP for one of Hong Kong's Chai Fish Market in Aberdeen to sell directly to consumers through the application while not sacrificing the freshness of the product.

The Challenge

The traditional business of selling fresh seafood was a consumer, restaurateur, or chef might go to the local fish market early in the morning to pick the best of the days catch. FreshGo's challenge was to recreate this experience virtually, so a customer wouldn't have to go to the market at all but yet could pursue the days catch from the comfort of their home, restaurant, or business.

The Solution

To do this, FeshGo turned to Alibaba Cloud, which provided a unified solution for live streaming the whole entire market. Customers can interact with each market stall to see, pick, and buy live and fresh seafood. FeshGo works with Alibaba Cloud’s partner Cloud Connect Technology for project deployment. Using real-time live broadcast technology, Elastic Compute (ECS) cloud servers, and CDN on Alibaba Cloud, Cloud Connect Technology technical team makes the best-recommended deployments and plans for customers from initial design to future expansion.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud provided FreshGo a refined solution to fulfill their need for a live streaming solution with scalable usage at a lower cost (-70%) which allowed them to give a better and more mature service to their customers. By leveraging Alibaba Cloud's e-commerce and new retail know-how, they were the best and most reliable partner for FreshGo.