"We really appreciate the help and support rendered during the 14th Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools 2021 held on 27 August 2021."

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About Bamboo System Technology

Bamboo System Technology is a leading Edutech company based in Singapore, aiming to reshape the future of learning with the latest technology. Its flagship product, BambooCloud, is an all-in-one collaborative teaching and learning platform. BambooCloud has been deployed successfully in many countries and regions including Singapore and China, helping global enterprises, schools and universities, and SMEs to build an integrated and easily scalable learning eco-system, creating innovative, engaging and personalized learning experiences; enabling instructors and learners to learn, teach and collaborate effectively, anytime and anywhere.


Limited technical knowledge: While Bamboo System Technology has an online education platform based on Alibaba Cloud, it lacked the technical know-how related to cloud architecture and best practices. The company was looking to optimize its cloud architecture to improve service reliability, reduce downtime, and control costs. Consultation requirements: Bamboo System Technology needed consultation around cloud security services and architecture to protect its cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure. Lack of scalability and technical support: Bamboo System Technology supported the '14th Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools 2021' via its online education platform. However, the large volume of network traffic during the exam led to a system crash. This interrupted the normal business operations and negatively impacted the end-user experience. It was looking for dependable technical support that would ensure the successful execution of future exams.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Bamboo System Technology was on the lookout for professional and leading-edge cloud consultation services to support its business environment. Given that Alibaba Cloud has a robust ecosystem of 10,000+ global business partners, a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services, and extensive technical expertise in the cloud domain, it became the preferred choice for the company. Alibaba Cloud offered world-class end-to-end professional service to Bamboo System Technology and cloud architecture optimization following Alibaba Cloud best practices. Alibaba Cloud also provided it with on-site support during the competition event day to ensure smooth execution of the competition.


Alibaba Cloud provided a multi-zone high availability solution implemented with 3-layer architecture to enhance the cloud solution architecture for Bamboo System Technology. Server Load Balancer (SLB) and Network Address Translation Gateway (NAT) were set up to offer the flexibility of scaling up to meet high traffic demands and scaling down to control the cost. Alibaba Cloud further conducted a stress test together with the technical team of Bamboo System Technology to gauge the responsiveness, stability, and scalability of the cloud infrastructure under high loads. Furthermore, the company switched from a self-built database to Alibaba Cloud managed database services, including MongoDB and Redis.

Looking Forward

Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud enabled Bamboo to reap a slew of benefits including: • Enhanced system architecture: Alibaba Cloud offered a reliable, secure, and cost-effective technical solution to optimize the cloud architecture for Bamboo System Technology. The solution made it easier for the company to successfully scale up and down during high traffic days, improve end-user experience, and strengthen cloud security. • Consultation and support: Alibaba Cloud offered professional consultation service and support to ensure stability and safety of the cloud infrastructure. • System reliability and scalability: Leveraging Alibaba Cloud, Bamboo System Technology gained the capabilities needed to hold national-level education competitions efficiently. It further helped attract new customers and boost its overall business growth. Talking about the collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, Chen Guang, CTO, Bamboo System Technology Singapore, mentioned, "We really appreciate the help and support rendered during the 14th Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools 2021 held on 27 August 2021."