Community Blog MVP #FridayFive: April 2019 Edition 1

MVP #FridayFive: April 2019 Edition 1

Alibaba Cloud MVP Friday Five is a blog column to share interesting and helpful content brought by global Alibaba Cloud MVPs.

Here at Alibaba Cloud, we always strive towards making a digitally connected world and to ease your information technology challenges. Our handpicked industry experts, Alibaba Cloud MVPs, contribute towards this vision in their own way by enabling the world on how Alibaba Cloud technologies are transforming businesses in a day to day basis.

MVP #FridayFive is a blog series aimed at celebrating and highlighting some of the pronounced contributions from Alibaba Cloud MVP’s towards making the Alibaba Cloud technologies more adaptable. Every Friday, we will delve into various contributions from our experts around the globe and share the top five remarkable activities of the week through this platform with rest of the world.

Below are the top five technological activities of this week specially curated from Alibaba Cloud communities:

5. [Blog] My Cloud Journey with Alibaba Cloud

By Qiu Binbin, Japan MVP
In this blog, Qiu Binbin shares his personal experience on the cloud computing industry and his time working with Alibaba Cloud Japan.

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4. [Blog] Building Highly Scalable Marketing Campaigns with Alibaba Cloud

By Alberto Roura, Australia MVP

In this blog post, MVP Alberto Roura will show you why Alibaba Cloud is becoming so valuable for many popular businesses these days and will teach you how to run your next big campaign with Alibaba Cloud's suite of cloud computing products.

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3. [Demo] A Demo to Install Flask App on ECS

By Kunal Relan, India MVP
MVP Kunal Relan, together with the Alibaba Cloud Academy team collaborated on creating an in-depth video demo of installing and using Flask on Alibaba Cloud's Elastic Compute Service (ECS).

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2. [Presentation] Alibaba Cloud Japan Developers Meetup - CEN

By Nobuhide Watanabe, Japan MVP
Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provides a hybrid and distributed global network ideal for enterprise users with high demand on network coverage. With its stable transmission and next-generation network environment, the network provides high transmission speed and low latency for end-users.

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1. [Blog] Building a Spring-Boot API with a Multi-Model Database (OrientDB) on Alibaba Cloud

By Dassi Orleando, Cameroon MVP
In this tutorial, we will cover the initial setup of OrientDB while building a Spring-Boot API with it on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance.

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About Alibaba Cloud MVP Award

Alibaba Cloud Most Valuable Professional (MVP) is an award given to the technical leaders in the community for their contributions towards helping others understand and adopt Alibaba Cloud technologies.
Learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP at mvp.alibabacloud.com

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