Community Blog Must-Haves for Startups: Getting Benefits from Competitive and Innovative Cloud Solutions

Must-Haves for Startups: Getting Benefits from Competitive and Innovative Cloud Solutions

The article describes the benefits that startups can avail from Alibaba Cloud to deploy their innovative products on the cloud.

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By Sathiya Sarathi

In our fast-paced world, the act of adopting cloud computing and choosing a cloud computing partner is a major pivotal decision that startups have to make. A cloud computing solution chosen by a startup must be flexible, reliable, and scalable to serve its ever-growing audience and increased business needs. Alibaba Cloud provides access to a variety of services that a startup needs to bootstrap with low investment to get started quickly on setting up a global digital footprint.

Innovative Cloud Solutions for Next-Gen FinTech Startups

With the rapid evolution of the usage of smart devices, FinTech companies need to focus more on business development and improving the core business instead of worrying about the IT infrastructure. Alibaba Cloud has a huge number of out-of-the-box solutions to address this, keeping costs on the lower side with high availability:

  • High Availability for Your FinTech Business: Alibaba Cloud provides features to deploy applications across regions to ensure business continuity. Application deployment on ECS with more than one zone achieves high availability to serve customers around the clock.
  • Secure Cloud Infrastructure: With security services in place such as WAF and Anti-DDoS, Alibaba Cloud customers can secure their cloud infrastructure and protect their business, including the lending process, the payment process, etc.
  • Expand into Other Regions Easily: You can establish your business’ cloud footprint in other regions easily as your business grows. Alibaba Cloud provides the CEN service for all your distributed business needs. CEN is a distributed and hybrid Cloud Enterprise Network that can deliver high speeds and low latency across VPCs, delivering a seamless experience to end-users.
  • All under Your Radar: Enhanced monitoring and logging solutions like CloudMonitor and Log Service services help you stay on watch and act on resources wherever attention is required.

E-Commerce Giant in the Making

Becoming the next e-commerce giant can be challenging for e-commerce startups, but Alibaba Cloud has your back! With access to innovative components, this can be materialized at a faster pace thanks to the solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud:

  • Search – Engineered for Precision: Services like Image Search provide vector-based search capabilities to the end-users where they can upload images to search. The service identifies the matching indexed products (indexed using OpenSearch) using image identification and search functions.
  • For All Your Big Data Analytics Needs: You can do storytelling from numbers to insights at a much faster pace with E-Map Reduce, an enterprise-grade big data compute platform, and Quick BI, a visualization platform that performs data analytics.
  • Content Delivered: Fast and Secure: The widely distributed Content Delivery Network (CDN) across regions worldwide increases the response rate to the end-users. Alibaba Cloud provides a secure CDN known as DCDN (Dynamic Route for CDN) that delivers static and dynamic content, protected by edge security mechanisms, such as Anti-DDoS and WAF.
  • Handle Peak Traffic Spikes Like a Boss: No one likes a service when it’s stuck or super slow. Unexpected and sudden traffic spikes can bring down the hard-earned trust of your loyal customers. Access to the Network-Enhanced Elastic Computing Service takes care of the highly concurrent needs of your e-commerce websites. This is coupled with RDS to handle multiple concurrent users accessing your application.

Gaming Startups: Latency Is out of the Equation

Gaming startups can provide a seamless experience to end-users by utilizing Alibaba Cloud resources, including file streaming and video streaming. This provides improved content acceleration and facile scaling with minimal operating costs. Some solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud include:

  • Enhanced Protection for TB-Level DDoS Attacks: Use Alibaba Cloud GameShield with multi-level disaster recovery and risk management architecture to defend against DDoS and CC attacks.
  • Meet High Demands on Network Coverage: Alibaba Cloud provides Global Accelerator to meet the high demands on network coverage by providing your users with a highly reliable guaranteed bandwidth across regions, reducing latency.
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