Community Blog MaxCompute in Australia, Leading Artificial Intelligence Industry

MaxCompute in Australia, Leading Artificial Intelligence Industry

Alibaba Cloud has launched the big data computing service, MaxCompute, in Australia. Alibaba Cloud offers more artificial intelligence products in Aus.


On October 10, Alibaba Cloud will officially launch the big data computing service, MaxCompute, in Australia. Through MaxCompute's powerful computing, Alibaba Cloud will offer more artificial intelligence products in the Australian market, and help boost local enterprises' artificial intelligence upgrade efforts.

With comprehensive data import solutions and a variety of typical distributed computing models, MaxCompute enables users to efficiently address massive data computing needs, effectively reduce their costs, and ensure data security.


MaxCompute 2.0 will be deployed on the Australian nodes. Leveraging the all-new SQL2.0 computing engine, the new version features higher computing performance, supports analysis of unstructured data, such as images and videos, and provides massive data computing to artificial intelligence and other hot new technology fields. Meanwhile, MaxCompute is seamlessly integrated with other cloud products. Enterprise customers can use the SLS service to easily sync massive volumes of log data from ECS and ApsaraDB for RDS to MaxCompute, process and schedule data with DTplus DataWorks, and at last analyze data and represent the results using PAI, QuickBI, and DataV.

At the 2017 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence recently held in Melbourne, experts in the field reported that artificial intelligence was making steady progress, thanks to the continuous progress of new theories and the emergence of many new applications, particularly applications in the subfield of machine learning. The growth of artificial intelligence has been especially prominent in China. According to recent statistics, researchers in China for the first time submitted more scientific papers than those from any other country in the world."

The advent of Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute will introduce more AI technologies into Australia and accelerate development of the local AI industry.

Public information reveals that Alibaba Cloud has opened 31 zones in 14 regions around the globe, including Western U.S., Eastern U.S., Dubai, Australia, Germany, Japan, Eastern China, Northern China, and Southern China, and deployed over 200 Apsara data centers for customers from around the world. The Apsara data center uses the same Apsara operating system at the foundation layer, and creates a completely unique hybrid cloud experience. At the next stop, Alibaba Cloud will launch MaxCompute in Malaysia in this November.

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