Community Blog Manage Your Containers Serverless with Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance

Manage Your Containers Serverless with Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance

This short article discusses the benefits of Alibaba Cloud ECI.

Elastic Container Instance (ECI)

Elastic Container Instance (ECI) is a secure and rapid Serverless container management service that allows you to run containers without managing underlying servers or resource capacity plans.

Containers can be created from images, and you are only charged for the resources consumed by your containers. ECI helps you focus on business applications rather than managing infrastructure.

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance is a container-based Serverless technology that enables you to run Docker containers without purchasing and managing Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances. As a result, you can concentrate on developing your business.

Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance can be integrated with existing business systems using API operations, and containerized applications can be deployed using the console or API.

Virtual Kubelet can also connect Elastic Container Instances to Kubernetes and use the scaling features of Elastic Container Instances to handle burst business traffic.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance

  • Serverless Containers: ECI enables you to focus on business development and innovation rather than creating clusters and managing infrastructure.
  • Deployment Flexibility: When traffic spikes, containers with custom specifications can be instantly created and automatically scaled up within seconds.
  • Compatibility with Community: Virtual Kubelet is the way ECI works with Kubernetes clusters.
  • Integration of Services: Alibaba Cloud services, such as VPC, Log Service, and CloudMonitor, have been integrated with ECI.

Why Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance?

The management of clusters and the maintenance of servers are not required when running containers. You only need to declare the compute capability to schedule and deploy resources.

The cost in ECI is based on the amount of resources consumed during the running time of the container instance. It is possible to create and up-scale containers within seconds for demanding workloads.

ECI helps businesses avoid system failures during traffic spikes and prevent resource waste due to excessive resource provisioning.

ECI can create a large number of nodes quickly to handle big data and online AI requests. Also, it is possible to create Kubernetes clusters using ECI.

How Can Click2Cloud Help You?

Enterprises run their applications heavily on clouds that contain multiple cloud accounts. These multi-cloud accounts use multiple container services provided by different cloud providers.

Managing all the services is a complex task for any end user that may become a major challenge for an enterprise.

Click2Cloud's Clouds Brain Container feature helps provision Kubernetes services from different cloud accounts in one place where enterprises can manage nodes, deployments, and other resources of Kubernetes with the help of Alibaba Cloud ECI.

Clouds Brain lets you manage different Kubernetes services and container registries hosted on Alibaba Cloud in one place by leveraging Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance, making it easy to create different types of Kubernetes services on demand.


Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance (ECI) is a Serverless container-based technology that allows you to deploy containers without managing any underlying ECS instances. Hence, you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Manage your containers Serverless with Alibaba Cloud Elastic Container Instance today.

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