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Loop Smart Retail: Help Vietnam's F&B Outlets Go Digital

The startup's platform provides businesses with digital infrastructure to manage day-to-day operations within a single interface.


Alvin Koh owned a cafe in Hanoi between 2013 and 2015. He had a regular cash register to tally customers' bills and handle transactions, but found it difficult to track and manage his cash flow when his business grew.

This inspired Koh to create a solution that would streamline the POS operations of F&B businesses in Vietnam. He founded Loop Smart Retail to offer a suite of software solutions that track sales, manage inventory, allow for multi-channel payments, and sync the records across multiple branches for multiple restaurants that are part of the same group.

Loop Smart Retail's offerings are best thought of as a package that functions as a virtual assistant that organizes data to present what matters to managers. The system offers customization by allowing users to integrate customer relationship management features and other APIs from third-party software providers. That means tasks like HR management and on-demand delivery bookings can be performed in Loop's system, centralizing tasks so they can all be accessed through one platform.

Loop has also taken into account the need for SMEs to move online by offering an online shop builder called Peko eShop that can be set up in ten minutes, allowing any business to add an e-commerce dimension to their sales strategy. This involves easy integration of e-payments ,Facebook Shops, and third-party delivery providers to formulate the full digital infrastructure that any small business might need while it makes the transition.

When a business uses Loop's POS system, data from all shop locations are aggregated to produce real-time reporting, giving owners and managers a convenient way to monitor their business within a single dashboard.

This means any business, no matter its scale, can utilize Loop's POS system, configure it to fit the business owners' exact needs, and access all the functions that are essential to daily operations. This streamlines the process of SMEs' move to digital operations so that F&B businesses like Koh's can grow beyond their present limits.

Loop Smart Retail was among the ten finalists of the Alibaba Cloud x KrASIA Global Startup Accelerator Vietnam-Indonesia Demo Day that was held on February 10.

This article was written by Swee En Tan, originally published on KrASIA.

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