Community Blog Installation of BookStack on CentOS 7

Installation of BookStack on CentOS 7

In this article, you will get some information on the installation of BookStack on CentOS 7.

In this article, we will be installing BookStack Documentation Wiki on an Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) with CentOS 7. Here we are installing BookStack as a root user. And Nginx is a web server which is required to install BookStack, so first, you'll have to install nginx on your CentOS 7 system.

Install PHP and PHP-FPM

Now nginx web server is installed on your system. Next, you'll have to install PHP and PHP-FPM with some required extensions to install BookStack.

Add new 'webtatic' repository to the CentOS 7 system using rpm command below.

rpm -Uvh https://mirror.webtatic.com/yum/el7/webtatic-release.rpm

Now install PHP and PHP-FPM with all the required extensions. Run following command to do so.

yum -y install php70w-fpm php70w-mcrypt php70w-curl php70w-cli php70w-mysql php70w-gd php70w-xsl php70w-json php70w-intl php70w-pear php70w-devel php70w-common php70w-mbstring php70w-tidy php70w-zip php70w-soap curl

Once, the PHP and PHP-FPM are installed on the server. Next, we need to edit the 'php.ini' configuration file.

(Here we are using nano text editor to edit the configuration file. You can also install it using yum -y install nano command.)

nano /etc/php.ini

Find the 'cgi.fix_pathinfo=1' line in the file and uncomment this line, then change the value to 0 like below.


Save the file and exit from the text editor.

Now edit the pool configuration file using any text editor.

nano /etc/php-fpm.d/www.conf

Change the value of the user and group to 'nginx' like shown below.

user = nginx 
group = nginx

Next, on the 'listen' line, change the value in the sock file as below.

listen = /var/run/php-fpm/php-fpm.sock

Next, find these below given lines in the file. Now uncomment lines and change the value as shown.

listen.owner = nginx  
 listen.group = nginx  
 listen.mode = 0660

Finally, uncomment the environmental attributes of file for PHP-FPM.

 env[PATH] = /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin  
 env[TMP] = /tmp  
 env[TMPDIR] = /tmp  
 env[TEMP] = /tmp

Save the file and exit from the text editor.

The configuration of PHP is completed now, finally, start PHP-FPM service and enable it to launch at boot time using the following command.

systemctl start php-fpm && systemctl enable php-fpm

Now you have successfully installed PHP and PHP-FPM, then you will need to install MariaDB, PHP composer and finalize your installation on BookStack following the steps in this tutorial.

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