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Gartner Blockchain Cloud Service Report: Alibaba Cloud Ranks 2nd Globally

Alibaba Cloud ranked ahead of AWS and Google in the global blockchain cloud service report, and is the only Chinese technology company on the list.

Recently, Gartner, a famous research institution, published the blockchain cloud service report for the world leading public cloud service providers. Alibaba Cloud, as the only Chinese technology company on the list, won the highest score in 6 judging standards and ranked 2nd place overall. Alibaba Cloud was placed only after Microsoft Azure, and is ahead of other prominent cloud providers such as AWS and Google.



The judging criteria of Gartner cover many aspects, including the fundamental blockchain technologies, infrastructure, availability, scalability, interoperability, security, cloud service integration, and application development. Alibaba cloud got the highest score in 6 indexes.

According to the Gartner analyst, the blockchain service of Alibaba Cloud can smoothly integrate with its cloud services, and provide value-added services to its customers at the same time.

Alibaba Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) is positioned "to focus only on the infrastructure and not to develop upper-layer applications." Alibaba Cloud BaaS is focusing on improving its ability to be integrated by other enterprises. Currently, Alibaba Cloud BaaS covers lots of products and services, including the enterprise-level BaaS service, the agile BaaS platform that supports private deployment, and blockchain solutions for container services. Alibaba Cloud BaaS has been widely used in many scenarios such as traceability of commodities, blockchain finance, and data asset transaction management.

The Gartner report further pointed out that Alibaba Cloud BaaS supports three mainstream blockchain technologies: the Ant Blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric, and Quorum, which offers flexible choices to enterprises. BaaS is the first product that applies the Intel SGX security technology into Hyperledger Fabric. This allows Alibaba Cloud BaaS to meet financial-grade security standards in various aspects, such as secure and compliant data centers, high-level security protection, and secure and flexible Internet connection.

Alibaba Cloud has invested a lot in blockchain technology development. In 2017 and 2018, Alibaba Cloud ranked 1st place in terms of the number of blockchain patents. In Aug 2018, Alibaba Cloud, together with Alipay, announced their investment in the construction of the blockchain infrastructure. Currently, the two parties have jointly served customers across many industry sectors, including government, retail, manufacturing, finance, Internet, media, and health care. For example, Alibaba Cloud and Alipay jointly developed a medical care blockchain solution, which has been successfully applied to the electronic prescription management of Central Hospital of Wuhan. This solution allows the hospital to implement automatic management of the entire prescription lifecycle, including prescription issuance, prescription review by pharmacist, drug delivery, drug payment, and process supervision.

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