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How to Backup and Restore RDS Database

In this article, you will get some useful information on how to backup and restore RDS database with commands and tools.

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database with mysqldump Command

In this article, you will get some information on how to use mysqldump command to backup and restore mysql database.

For the sake of clarity, we will use two databases; 'sample_db_1' and 'sample_db_1'. We will also use 'james' as the MySQL user in all examples. Each sample database contains two tables ('table_1' and 'table_2').

Logical MySQL backups using mysqldump only works when a database server is up and running. Also, mysqldump utility can be slow for large databases. So in case you are managing a bulky database or you can't access a MySQL server, taking physical backups is the ideal choice.

How to Backup and Restore MySQL Database on Linux

In this article, you will learn how to backup and restore RDS for MySQL Database on linux with some information on monitoring the backup and restore process and how to reduce the backup cost.

After you have installed MySQL Client successfully, you can run the command to complete database backup:

mysqldump -h xxx.mysql.aliyun.com -u xxx -P 3306 -p --opt --default-character-set=utf8 --triggers --hex-blob db_name > /tmp/db_name.sql

After the password is entered, Mysqldump will carry out the backup and complete it automatically.

How to Backup MongoDB Data with ApsaraDB for MongoDB

In this article, you will get some information on how to backup data with ApsaraDB for MongoDB, MongoDB replica set and data replication platform, and how to recover the backup MongoDB data.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB automatically backs up data according to the default backup policy. You can also set a backup policy based on business requirements to automatically back up data for your ApsaraDB for MongoDB instances as required.

How to Restore RDS Database from Backup Files

In this article, you will learn how to restore RDS database from backup files with RDS official extract tool kit and Percona XtraBackup.

  1. Download the RDS official extract tool kit: rds_backup_extract.
  2. Install the backup restoration tool: Percona XtraBackup 2.2.
  3. Extract backup files
  4. Restore data using the backup file
  5. Configure the environment
  6. Modify the file owner
  7. Start the mysqld process and log on for verification
  8. Create new users

Automatic Compression over Time with PostgreSQL

In this article, you will learn how to compress data over time with customized PostgreSQL compression algorithms.

The PostgreSQL compression algorithm can be customized. For example, simple mean compression, maximum compression and minimum compression, or compression based on the revolving door compression algorithm.

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Restore data from a backup to an ECS instance

You can restore files to an ECS instance from a backup stored on it or another ECS instance in the same vault. You can also restore files to an ECS instance from a backup that is created by a backup client.

Restore PostgreSQL or PPAS data

RDS for PostgreSQL/PPAS allows you to restore data by time or backup set. The restoration process is as follows:

  1. Restore data of an RDS instance to a new RDS instance (referred to as a clone instance).
  2. Verify the data on the clone instance.
  3. Migrate the data you need from the clone instance to the original instance.

Cross-region backup

ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL provides the cross-region backup function that automatically synchronizes local backup files to OSS in another region. Cross-region backup can be used for monitoring and disaster recovery.

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Hybrid Backup Recovery

Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) is a simple and cost-effective Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. It protects customer data in a number of scenarios: enterprise level data centers, remote centers, branch offices, or on the cloud. HBR supports data encryption, compression, and deduplication, and helps you back up your data to the cloud securely and efficiently.

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