Community Blog How Does CD Finance Deal With the High Disaster Recovery Pressure in the Financial Industry?

How Does CD Finance Deal With the High Disaster Recovery Pressure in the Financial Industry?

This article discusses "Hybrid Backup Recovery" and its benefits for financial customers.

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By Alibaba Cloud Storage

The financial market is a barometer of economic status. Frontier technologies show strong strength in information acquisition, transmission, processing, and storage to the world, providing a solid foundation for innovation of the traditional financial system. China's financial system is constantly improving with expanding service coverage and sustainable development capacities.


As China's largest social enterprise, CD Finance Management Co., Ltd. (CD Finance) focuses on providing financial services in rural areas. CD Finance is committed to achieving the "last 100 m" goal that is beyond the reach of traditional financial institutions. It provides convenient, fast, and affordable micro-financial services for lower-income groups in rural areas. Thus, micro-financial services can promote the development of "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" and the growth of farmers' income.

Make the Best Use of Rural Areas to Lift the Economy

The financial industry has high requirements for data disaster recovery in the industry and policy aspects. Making full use of cloud computing capabilities to empower business has become a problem for every financial enterprise. To develop inclusive finance, the key is to develop rural finance. Sticking to the idea of "serving low-income groups in rural areas," CD Finance focuses on the solution to inclusive financial development. By combining financial services with industrial prosperity and rural governance, CD Finance is working on breaking the bottleneck on the user side. CD Finance also actively leverages the economy and convenience of cloud computing to continuously empower its business, promoting transformation in institutions and services.

Be Prepared for Data Security

Over the past few years, the complexity of financial transaction structures has increased day by day. Therefore, innovative practices are especially important for the supply increase of rural financial services. It is also important to ensure the safe and stable operations of information systems in the financial industry. The high availability of database services is in a fundamental position for realizing the continuity of all external data services.

The financial industry is a data-intensive industry. CD Finance understands the importance of massive data security and the anti-theft and anti-tampering of sensitive data in application systems databases. To effectively ensure the security of databases and maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and validity, CD Finance adopts Alibaba Cloud's Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) to further enhance the growth of rural micro-finance.

The Architecture of HBR

Firstly, there are multiple backup scenarios requiring centralized management. HBR solves the problem of data backup on the application server, SQL server, and Oracle database of CD Finance, realizing the centralized configuration management of multiple cloud hosts.

Secondly, HBR is simple and easy-to-use, with fully automatic O&M. Through HBR, CD Finance only needs to host their backup data in a cloud backup warehouse without worrying about hardware presets, configurations, or cluster expansion. The HBR console can automatically send backup agents without manual installation.

Thirdly, HBR has high deduplication and compression ratio to reduce costs. Using the deduplication and compression technologies of Alibaba Cloud, HBR supports a ratio of 30:1. This effectively reduces the storage space of standby terminals and costs as well.

Finally, backup data in HBR is safe and available. HBR supports full, incremental, and log backup. Backup data can be restored quickly and the Recovery Time Objective (RPO) can be reduced. HBR also ensures data security with automatic data encryption and verification.

Take Opportunities to Accelerate Business Innovation

Liu Jin is the Head of Operation and Maintenance at CD Finance. When referring to specific benefits of projects, he said, "Unified backup strategies of self-built databases on Alibaba Cloud ECS have been implemented through HBR. This allows self-built databases to be the same as native databases in data backup, facilitating backup, and recovery management. CD Finance does not need to worry about the insufficiency of the local storage space of Elastic Compute Service (ECS). CD Finance also uses HBR to make fine-grained backups of key files on ECS, which makes recovery of key files more flexible and convenient."


With the development of information systems, IT architecture is becoming more complex. Comprehensively improving system disaster tolerance and data protection are the basis for ensuring the continuity of many business systems. On finance platforms with massive data, complex systems, and busy businesses, effective management of core data is the key to ensure safe and stable business operations. As a leader in cloud disaster recovery, Alibaba Cloud will continue to provide HBR for financial customers, protecting their data security.

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