Community Blog How Alibaba Cloud Helps You throughout the Different Stages of Adopting a Cloud Network

How Alibaba Cloud Helps You throughout the Different Stages of Adopting a Cloud Network

Here talks about the different stages of adopting a cloud network, and how to use the SAG App and CEN to access cross-border company SaaS platform.

The Different Stages of Adopting a Cloud Network

In this blog, we will talk about the different stages of adopting a cloud network, and how Alibaba Cloud can help you throughout every stage through our networking services.

Four Stages of Cloud Adoption

Alibaba Cloud has been working hard for the slogan "more than just cloud" by breaking down barriers of emerging technologies and redefining the digital world. Throughout Alibaba services, the whole development process of Alibaba service can be roughly divided into four stages.

Stage One: Migrating IT system on cloud. The initial products of Alibaba Cloud are to provide flexible and scalable cloud servers for enterprises through hybrid cloud with existing IT architecture. Thus, realizing the migration of IT systems in the cloud, the results of this phase meet the enterprise pursuit of cloud services. Many enterprises purchase servers and deploy non-core enterprise applications on Alibaba Cloud.

Stage Two: Deploying core business on global cloud. After the first step of service cloud, Alibaba Cloud strives to provide customers with more global cloud services. Nowadays, many regions have been deployed in China and even in the world, and then these IT resources have been utilized to realize the global public cloud and the global service strategic deployment of itself and its customers. At this stage, more companies are willing to deploy enterprise productivity or office applications on the cloud.

Stage Three: Microservices on cloud. With more and more applications coming to the cloud, deploying cloud servers is cumbersome. Alibaba Cloud provides customers with better cloud Microservices so that enterprises do not have to worry about complicated server operations and maintenance work, but focus on the purchase of Microservices they need and improve the enterprise in the cloud office efficiency.

Stage Four: Intelligent Cloud. With the advent of the era of big data, Alibaba Cloud is also embracing the challenge. Give full play to the advantages of many years of experience and provide customers with intelligent learning and large data service based on IoT so that they can promote visits through Big Data or AI.

Three Stages of Cloud Network Adoption

The continuous progress of cloud service is inseparable from the continuous development of network solutions. The development of Alibaba Cloud network solutions can also be roughly divided into three stages.

Stage One: Internet access to cloud. The early solutions combined the virtual machine's network with the physical network to form a flat network architecture, such as the large layer two network. With the increase of virtual network scalability, problems are getting more serious for the early solutions. These problems include ARP's proofing, broadcast storms, host scanning and more. Various network isolation technologies emerged to solve these problems by completely isolating the physical networks from the virtual networks.

One technology isolates user with VLAN, but VLAN only supports up to 4,096 nodes. It cannot support the huge number of users in the cloud.

Stage Two: Private Hybrid Cloud. With the continuous development of cloud computing, virtual network requirements are getting higher and higher, such as scalability, security, reliability, privacy and higher requirements of connection performance.

This gives a rise to a variety of network virtualization technologies. With the tunneling technology, Alibaba Cloud has developed V-Switch, Software-Defined Network (SDN) and Hardware Gateway, and thus created VPC.

V-Switches are distributed the nodes. The gateway and the controller are deployed in clusters, and all links have redundant disaster recovery. This improves the overall availability of the VPC.

Stage Three: Global Cloud Network. In order to meet the needs of a global deployment, Alibaba Cloud provides Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and Global Accelerator (GA) and other services to provide users with a high-quality, efficient and stable network transmission environment. Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) will provide a global network that can quickly build hybrid cloud and distribute business systems to help users build a cloud and network with enterprise skills and communication capabilities. Alibaba Cloud networking services provide you a highly stable, low latency and high-speed network with flexible hybrid cloud connections. Alibaba Cloud networking services deliver secure and reliable communication to and from RDCs in 19 regions globally.

Enterprise SaaS Acceleration via SAG + CEN + ECS Proxy

This article describes how to use the SAG App and CEN to access your cross-border company SaaS platform with extremely stable network performance step-by-step.

Background Information

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes in work culture worldwide. Most people were working from home during the pandemic. Some of them stayed in China and want to access the company's SaaS platform overseas. Alibaba Cloud Smart Access Gateway (SAG) and Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) provide a one-stop solution to secure, accelerate, and connect your mobile/PC to overseas resources.

Architecture Diagram

Architecture Diagram

Solution Data Flow:

  1. Before connecting to overseas resources, users need to connect to the SAG Client first.
  2. The data traffic will go through SAG CCN in Mainland China and send it to the Alibaba Cloud Hong Kong Region VPC via CEN.
  3. The Hong Kong VPC will have a static route to route IP to the ECS server.
  4. The ECS server enables IP forwarding and sends traffic via the EIP address.


  1. Subscribe and configure the CEN for the Hong Kong VPC
  2. Subscribe and configure the Smart Access Gateway app in Mainland China
  3. Configure the SAG CCN in CEN
  4. Subscribe and configure the ECS proxy and routing
  5. Download and install the Smart Access Gateway app client
  6. Verify the results

Related Products

Cloud Enterprise Network

A global network for rapidly building a distributed business system and hybrid cloud to help users create a network with enterprise level-scalability and the communication capabilities of a cloud network

Cloud Enterprise Network provides a hybrid and distributed global network ideal for enterprise users with high demand on network coverage. With its stable transmission and next-generation network environment, the network provides high transmission speed and low latency for end-users.

Cloud Enterprise Network can be used to facilitate communication between VPC to VPC and VPC to IDC. Routing information in CEN can be learned and distributed automatically, which allows CEN to achieve fast routing convergence and improved network quality and security.

Global Accelerator

Global Accelerator is a network acceleration service, benefiting from the high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks that are provided by Alibaba Cloud. Global Accelerator enables nearby access to the Internet and cross-region deployment of applications, improving the user experience of Internet services. Global Accelerator features high network quality, high security, high availability, and low latency. In addition, Global Accelerator can be activated within several minutes, making service deployment more agile.

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