Community Blog Growth Opportunities in the Metaverse – Tech for Innovation

Growth Opportunities in the Metaverse – Tech for Innovation

In Episode 5, we look at how cloud computing is enabling the expansion of the Metaverse and the growth opportunities across a variety of industries.

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The Metaverse and its associated new supporting technologies could be a game-changer in many sectors. In this episode of Tech for Innovation, we look at how cloud computing is enabling the expansion of the Metaverse, which in turn will provide numerous growth opportunities across a variety of industries, including retail, logistics, education and finance. From virtual reality and haptic technology to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, discover how the Metaverse is driving the adoption of technologies that will provide customers with new and unique experiences

Tech for Innovation is a five-part video series featuring Alibaba Cloud's senior leaders and industry experts coming together to discuss some of the hottest topics across a multitude of industries. Join us to learn how the cloud is promoting sustainability, discover new innovations in O2O retail, understand how digital transformation is driving the future of finance, identify growth opportunities in the Metaverse, and uncover the latest tech that will impact society in the next five years.

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