Community Blog Friday Blog - Week 26 - What's New On Alibaba Cloud?

Friday Blog - Week 26 - What's New On Alibaba Cloud?

Learn what's new on Alibaba Cloud! We summarize some of the newest features added to core products like RAM, RDS, and ECS.

Jeremy Pedersen

Welcome back for the 26th installment in our weekly blog series! This week, we'll be taking a (short) look at what's new on Alibaba Cloud. Let's get to it!

So what's new?


7th Generation ECS instances are now available

7th Generation ECS hardware is now being rolled out to Alibaba Cloud datacenters. This means:

  1. Support for the new "virtual enclave" feature for trusted computing
  2. Intel "Ice Lake" processors at 3.5 Ghz
  3. Network bandwidth up to 64 Gbit/s
  4. Network packet throughput up to 24,000,000 PPS
  5. Multi-zone SLA of 99.995%
  6. vTPM (virtual Trusted Platform Module) support

    More info here

ECS Deployment Sets are bigger now

You can now create up to 20 instances in a Deployment Set, instead of just 7.

Auto Scaling now supports "vertical scaling"

Ok, so this isn't exactly new (the feature has been available since March this year), but it's still worth mentioning.

If you need to upgrade or downgrade a Pay-As-You-Go instance's CPU or Memory allocation (rather than adding more instances) then this is a good solution.

Learn more here.

Function Compute adds support for "layers"

You can now break your Function Compute code packages into "layers". For instance, public libraries which your function depends on can be stored in a separate layer from your code, reducing the size of your code package when you deploy or update your Function Compute functions.

You can also use this feature with custom Function Compute runtimes. This way, multiple functions can inherit the same custom runtime. Learn more here


ApsaraDB for RDS adds support for "Migration via backup file"

You can now upload a backup file to an OSS bucket, then use this to create a new ApsaraDB RDS MySQL 5.7 or MySQL 8.0 instance. No need to import using the MySQL client or via DTS!

ApsaraDB for RDS adds support for "Batch Purchase"

When calling the RDS API, you can now create up to 20 new RDS database instances simultaneously.

Better encryption support in ApsaraDB for RDS

ApsaraDB RDS Microsoft SQL now supports TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) with your own custom keys (also known as "BYOK" for "Bring Your Own Key"). You can learn more here.

Logging and Security

New tracing and logging features in Log Service

Log Service now supports distributed tracing based on the OpenTelemetry protocol.

Layer 4 monitoring has also been added to allow collection of Layer 4 log data from Server Load Balancer.

Security Center adds better Docker Image security support

Docker Hub container images can now be scanned by Security Center. This is now supported in Security Center's Basic Edition.

Network connections between containers and the Internet can also now be visualized in Ultimate Edition.

Cloud Firewall has added support for the US West (Silicon Valley) region

Finally! Cloud Firewall now works in US West. See the full region list for details.

RAM adds integration with Cloud SSO

This gives RAM better multi-account identity management. See more details here

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