Community Blog Digital Marketing: A Cost-Saving Way to Communicate with Consumers

Digital Marketing: A Cost-Saving Way to Communicate with Consumers

This article describes the definition of Digital Marketing and its features.

Brief Introduction of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing refers to a marketing method that uses the Internet, computer communication technology, and digital interactive media to achieve marketing goals. Digital marketing will use advanced computer network technology as much as possible to seek new market development and new consumer excavation most effectively and cost-effectively.

Digital marketing is a high-level marketing activity based on a clear database object, through digital multimedia channels, such as phone calls, short messages, emails, e-fax, network platforms, and other digital media channels to achieve precise marketing.

In the era of the digital economy, when traditional enterprises realize digitalization, they must pay attention to digital marketing as an important aspect
Reform the marketing ideas, models, and strategies that could not meet the needs, and realize new marketing methods. Together with digital management and manufacturing, digital marketing, as a hot spot, will become one of the three important components of digital enterprises. Generally speaking, companies can only get normal profits in a fully competitive market. If they want to get excess profits, they must innovate. Innovation is a new combination of production factors. In the sense of economics, it includes not only technological innovation but also marketing innovation. Among them, digital marketing is a typical thing of innovation.

Digital marketing is not only a technological revolution but also a deeper conceptual revolution. Digital marketing has given new connotations to the marketing mix. Its functions mainly include information exchange, online purchase, online publishing, electronic currency, online advertising, corporate public relations, etc. It is the main marketing method and development trend of enterprises in the digital economy era.

Features of Digital Marketing


It realizes the close integration of the foreground and the background, and this integration is the basis for quickly responding to the individual needs of customers. It can be achieved from product information to payment and after-sales service in one go, so it is also a whole-process marketing channel. On the other hand, companies can use the Internet to uniformly design, plan and coordinate the implementation of different communications and marketing activities to avoid the negative effects of inconsistencies in different communications.

Personalized service

Digital marketing provides personalized products according to the needs of customers. It can also track each customer's sales habits and hobbies, and recommend related products. Promotion on the Internet is a low-cost and user-friendly marketing method.

Product Information

The Internet can provide detailed specifications, technical indicators, warranty information, usage methods, etc. of current products, and even provide answers to common questions. Users can easily find products, prices, brands, etc. through the Internet.

Select Space

Digital marketing will not be restricted by shelves and inventory, and provide a huge dance hall for product display and sales, allowing customers to provide almost unlimited options.

Cost Advantage

The cost of publishing information on the Internet is limited. Selling products directly to consumers can shorten the distribution process. Anyone can request the information independently, which can broaden the scope of sales. This can save promotional expenses, thereby reducing costs and making products price-competitive. Most of the people who come to visit our customers who are interested in such products and the audience is accurate, which avoids many useless information transmission and can also save costs. The inventory can also be adjusted according to the order situation to reduce inventory costs.


The types, prices, and marketing methods of marketing products can be adjusted in time according to customer needs, competitive environment, or inventory conditions. The network can surpass the limitations of time and space and the scope of multimedia sound and light functions, and it can give play to the innovation of marketers.

Digital marketing also has the characteristics of multimedia, cross-temporal, interactive, personification, advancement, efficiency, and economy. Due to the use of various attributes of digital products, digital marketing has added many new features based on transforming traditional marketing methods.


In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet and mobile commerce, the importance of e-commerce has become increasingly prominent. Many companies have begun to set up e-commerce departments and set up their websites to carry out e-commerce and network marketing.

However, new problems have emerged in front of enterprises and industries. That's how to promote your own companies and products on the Internet with low cost, high efficiency, and large scale; How to effectively convert customer click-through-rate into transaction rate; How to effectively and accurately control enterprise marketing costs; How to make corporate marketing and promotion strategies have good confidentiality from peers and competitors. This series of problems has caused many companies to turn their attention to digital marketing platforms.

The views expressed herein are for reference only and don't necessarily represent the official views of Alibaba Cloud.

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Traditional brick and mortar retail is beginning to phase out as organizations are increasingly adopting online and digital marketing tools to better engage with customers. Digital marketing is more effective because it allows businesses to easily scale marketing campaigns and target multiple audiences simultaneously. Moreover, digital marketing allows organizations to better understand customer needs and buying behavior through data analysis, providing an improved customer experience deserving of brand loyalty.

Multi-Channel Customer Experience Solution

Branding is crucial for an organization's survival and growth. It is even more imperative for the first impressions of an organization's web/mobile app or social media channels. Providing a consistent customer experience across multiple channels is crucial to enhance the relationship between the brand and its customers. Delivering an exceptional customer experience is a challenge as customers switch touch points for even a single transaction. Organizations need solutions offering an omnichannel strategy with a high-performance connection and seamless user experience.

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Digital marketing has evolved rapidly in recent years, with increased connectivity enabling cost-effective communications, conversions and improved customer touchpoints both before and after a purchase.

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