Community Blog How Alibaba Cloud Can Help Gather Clear Consumer Insights

How Alibaba Cloud Can Help Gather Clear Consumer Insights

This blog explores how big data can help you improve your digital marketing efforts by building a better understanding of customers through data.

To discover more about the tools that marketers and business leaders can use for more effective marketing, download the How to Supercharge Digital Marketing with Alibaba Cloud whitepaper today.

Digital marketing has evolved rapidly in recent years, with increased connectivity enabling cost-effective communications, conversions and improved customer touchpoints both before and after a purchase.

Today, the benefits of big data analysis, automated bidding and even AI copywriters are not restricted to large companies with significant budgets. Instead, marketers at all levels and all sizes of company can benefit from the ability to understand and respond to market trends, customer insights and marketing opportunities.

Gather - Analyze - React

Businesses are aware of the importance of tracking and analyzing customer data, however, many do not have the systems in place that allow them to gather, mine and analyze this valuable information. This is where Alibaba Cloud can assist.

Developing a strong understanding of customer behavior is vital when it comes to enabling marketers to develop key insights to drive campaigns. Thanks to a range of contextual data such as age, location and purchase history, customer profiles can be created for niche groups of people. This means that marketers can understand exactly who they are speaking to, and can then reach their audiences more effectively with a highly targeted message.

Data-Driven Decisions

Alibaba Cloud's Quick BI business intelligence tool powers this high-level analysis including data analytics, exploration and reporting on mass data. It can be used to integrate existing data and generate reports that will be most useful for your business, presented on either a spreadsheet or a customizable dashboard.

In turn, this means it is easy to present analysis and share insights with your team and wider company, proving the value of marketing campaigns and allowing people to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Converting with Great Content

Influencer or Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing is being adopted worldwide and is renowned for being an effective sales channel for brands. KOLs are able to sell products directly through their live video streams, receiving a cut of the sale when one is achieved.

These kinds of live broadcasts typically receive around 200,000 viewers, and can be hosted by Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraVideo Live, which provides high quality, uninterrupted audio and video services.

AI-Powered Adverts

Alimama is Alibaba's integrated advertising platform that provides tools to help even small companies understand their customers, market their products and services, and track how effective they are.

Its offering spans search marketing, display marketing, promotion commission, and real-time bidding, and it has recently introduced new ad tech and intelligent marketing solutions.

Alimama even used its technology prowess to debut an AI copywriter in 2018. It uses deep learning and natural language processing to learn from millions of pieces of copy on Alibaba's e-commerce sites, such as T-Mall and Taobao, and has generated impressive results, suggesting smart copy for brands that have resulted in sales.

Building a better understanding of customers by using valuable data, alongside as much relevant contextual information as possible, empowers marketers to develop more effective advertising campaigns than ever before.

With cloud-computing continuing to advance all aspects of business, this intelligence is only going to become even smarter, and Alibaba Cloud will continue to be the forefront of this business innovation.

To discover more about the tools that marketers and business leaders can tap into to benefit from more effective connected strategies, download the How to Supercharge Digital Marketing with Alibaba Cloud whitepaper today.

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