Community Blog HKU SPACE, Alibaba Cloud and SEED Foundation Launch Cloud Computing Course for Secondary School Students

HKU SPACE, Alibaba Cloud and SEED Foundation Launch Cloud Computing Course for Secondary School Students

HKU SPACE, Alibaba Cloud, and SEED Foundation signed a MoU to develop a three-level cloud computing course for secondary school students in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong, 31 August, 2022 – HKU SPACE, Alibaba Cloud, and SEED Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to develop a three-level cloud computing course for secondary school students in Hong Kong. The collaboration will launch a series of cloud computing-related courses designed for local secondary school students to provide early access to knowledge in technology and cloud computing for younger generations.

The courses provide a comprehensive introduction to cloud computing across three levels, and students are not required to have any background in technology to enrol. Starting with more fundamental concepts of IT and cloud computing elements in the bridging level, the beginner and advanced levels will focus on more advanced IT and cloud operations and management topics. These courses will be registered on the Qualification Register, obtaining qualification framework (QF) recognition. Certificates will be awarded to students who complete the courses.

According to a survey released by the Hong Kong Productivity Council [1], nearly 90% of the surveyed employers would include basic IT knowledge and digital skills as a “must” requirement in job hiring. This signals a strong need for technology specialists to grow Hong Kong’s technology industry and maintain the city’s role as the leading innovation hub in Asia. By introducing young learners to cutting-edge technologies, the collaboration aims to spark greater interest in technology as an attractive field of study as well as career path, helping students excel in the digital economy.

The MoU was signed by Dr John Cribbin, Deputy Director (Academic Services) of HKU SPACE; Mr Leo Liu, General Manager of Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence; and Mr Ken Lo, CEO of SEED Foundation.

HKU SPACE, a pioneer in ICT training and education in Hong Kong, will provide the teaching of the course, while SEED Foundation, a charity organisation with an aim to equitably future proof Hong Kong’s youth for the digital economy, will liaise with secondary schools and support eligible students to participate. Drawing on its extensive industry experience, Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, will provide HKU SPACE educators with a range of training sessions on the various aspects of cloud computing. Workshops, seminars and related activities will also be organised to help young talent better understand the process of digital transformation, as well as to promote a culture of innovation and encourage technology adoption.

Dr John Cribbin, Deputy Director (Academic Services) of HKU SPACE, said, “HKU SPACE’s core vision is to extend lifelong learning opportunities for the community, making world-class education accessible. I am grateful today that we can join forces with Alibaba Cloud and SEED Foundation. By putting our strengths together, we will be able to offer world-class education to a wider range of students. With HKU SPACE monitoring and delivering the content, SEED Foundation actively promoting the programmes and collaborating with various local schools, and Alibaba Cloud providing a platform for practising these technologies, we will be able to help our younger generation to reach further and achieve more.”

Mr Leo Liu, General Manager of Hong Kong, Macau and Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said, “As the use of cloud computing has grown around the world, we’ve seen an increasing need for training in this technology at an early age to prepare upcoming generations to thrive in the digital economy. We are pleased to work with HKU SPACE and SEED Foundation to develop a new cloud computing course, contributing our experience and resources to nurture the knowledge, skills and mindset young tech talent need to grow.”

Mr Ken Lo, CEO of SEED Foundation, said, “SEED Foundation’s mission is to deliver equal learning opportunities related to the latest technology, knowledge and skills to prepare Hong Kong’s next generation for a technology-driven future, regardless of a given student’s socio-economic background. We are excited to inaugurate this meaningful journey with two visionary partners, HKU SPACE and Alibaba Cloud, to design and deliver a cloud computing course that will equip students with in-demand knowledge and skills. We are committed to working closely with secondary schools to tailor the programme in a way that best suits each student’s existing school schedule and learning ability.”


The University of Hong Kong’s Department of Extra Mural Studies (DEMS) was established in 1956, the first continuing education unit in a university in the region. DEMS played a significant role in the provision of lifelong learning opportunities for the wider community and in 1992, it was renamed as the School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE). HKU SPACE fulfils this part of the University’s mission by providing learning opportunities for personal, professional and career advancement for people from all walks of life.

The School offers a wide range of part-time courses under 23 subject groups at all academic levels and full-time overseas degree and sub-degree courses. It also provides different executive programmes in Mainland China. Course enrolments since 1956 have exceeded 3 million.

HKU SPACE collaborates with a wide range of academic institutions globally (in the UK, Australia, the USA, Mainland China) and in Hong Kong. The School will continue to explore opportunities for further cooperation with reputable institutions, both local and overseas, to offer a greater variety of high-quality and relevant programmes to students.

[1] The Hong Kong Productivity Council, “Future of Work & Tech Experience Day” Releases Results of “The Future of Work & Skills Survey”, https://www.hkpc.org/en/about-us/media-centre/press-releases/2021/future-work-tech-experience-day

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