Community Blog ATTN Tech Affiliates - Get a Sweet Bounty for Every Sale a Click Creates

ATTN Tech Affiliates - Get a Sweet Bounty for Every Sale a Click Creates

Earn up to $1000 USD a Month by joining Alibaba Cloud’s Affiliate Program with Rakuten

Earn up to $1000 USD a Month with a trusted technology leader by joining Alibaba Cloud’s Affiliate Program and Rakuten.

Just promote Alibaba Cloud services on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter or your blog.

Give it a go at Alibaba Cloud!


Passionate about technology?

After joining the Alibaba Cloud’s Affiliate Program

Share Alibaba Cloud Product and Services with friends on social media to start earning.


Join today to take advantage of bonuses and celebrate the launching of Alibaba Cloud’s Affiliate Program.

Start Earning Today!

How to become an Alibaba Cloud Affiliate?

Step One: Register as an Affiliate at https://www.alibabacloud.com/affiliate

Step Two: Login to your affiliate account on Rakuten and apply to join Alibaba Cloud program.

Step Three: After being approved start promoting Alibaba Cloud Products and Services on your website, blog or social media accounts.

Step Four: Start Earning Referral Bonuses

Visitors who arrive to Alibaba Cloud through your promotions are considered a referral. You will receive a bonus if a qualified purchase is made.

What Are the Bonus Rates? What Will You Earn?

  1. Basic Order Bonus 4% for each qualified order
    1. Subscription – 4% of net amount
    2. Pay-as-you-go 4% for the first three months per each instance
    3. Check out our monthly bonus rates below


  2. Quarterly Referral Bonus (5%): to be paid based on new referrals
    If you bring in three or more new registers to alibabacloud.com per calendar quarter, you will receive an extra 5% bonus based on the amount of revenue generated by the orders placed by all new users during their first three months of registration.


Why Choose Affiliate Program?

  1. Free to join, you have absolutely nothing to lose!
  2. Easy to start. Easily register an account using social media accounts.
  3. Efficient. With only a few clicks you can start earning cash.

Want more information? Check out the “Rules” on the program page https://www.alibabacloud.com/affiliate

Start Earning Now!

  1. Register https://bit.ly/2IjY9VU
  2. Promote
  3. Link
  4. Enjoy

Earn Easily With Us NOW

Feel free to share Alibaba Cloud’s Affiliate Program with anyone interested in making a quick buck.

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