Community Blog Alibaba Shines as Center of Innovation with Research Presented at SIGCOMM 2019

Alibaba Shines as Center of Innovation with Research Presented at SIGCOMM 2019

Alibaba proves itself as a center of innovation in the tech space with two papers presented at SIGCOMM 2019 and as a host of major summit on high-performance networking.

At this year's SIGCOMM's conference, Alibaba Group has shone as a beacon of research and innovation in the tech space.

Why you may ask? Well, among more than a couple hundred papers submitted, only around thirty papers for accepted to be presented at the main conference of this year's SIGCOMM. And among these few papers, two of Alibaba's papers were chosen and handpicked to be presented at the main conference. This is a big step for Alibaba Group. SIGCOMM is an important conference, with other competing institutions including world-class universities and other institutions of higher learning as well as major tech companies.

Interestingly, among its peers, Alibaba was not only the only Chinese company to publish papers at the SIGCOMM conference, but Alibaba also come out ahead of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

The papers chosen were "HPCC: High Precision Congestion Control" and "Safely and Automatically Updating In-Network ACL Configurations with Intent Language". The two papers will be delivered at 1:30 pm on August 20 and 1:55 pm on 21 August respectively.


SIGCOMM is a world-renown conference for Internet and networking research and innovation. And over the past 30+ years, papers published at the SIGCOMM conference include ones from world-class institutions of higher learning and major tech companies. And as said previously, every year, SIGCOMM only accepts around thirty papers that present promise and perspectives for the entire field and that can potentially serve for practical contributions in the industry. Because papers accepted at the SIGCOMM conference are widely cited in the field, it is a great honor to many networking researchers to have their papers published at the SIGCOMM conference.

This year, the 2019 SIGCOMM conference was held in China, more specifically in Beijing. And on the day before the opening day of the conference, Alibaba also hosted a related Alibaba Networking Summit, named "Next-Generation High Performance Networking" to share Alibaba's prospects about future networking technologies as well as to discuss possible challenges with professors and students from world-leading institutions of higher learning in Asia, Europe and North America, as well as technical experts from Alibaba Group ecosystem partnership companies. Cai Yiqun vice president of the Alibaba Cloud Intelligence (pictured below) gave the opening speech "Why Networking Research Matters in Alibaba" to kick off the summit.


After that, Zhang Ming (pictured below), an Alibaba researcher and algorithm expert-and a contributor to the HPCC algorithm-presented a special report, named "The Thought Behind Alibaba Datacenter Networking Research" to share his thoughts on the direction of future networking research at Alibaba Group.


Lu Biao (pictured below), a senior technical expert at Alibaba Cloud Intelligence department, then give a report, titled "An Overview of Alibaba Networking Products," to describe the rich networking product offerings of Alibaba Cloud.


Alibaba's prowess in networking technology and clear direction for future research and development provoked strong resonance and much discussion among the attendees at the summit.

Other guests presented speeches on the next-generation of high-performance networking. Among whom were Princeton University Professor Jennifer Rexford, Tsinghua University Professor Li Xing, and Vice President of Broadcom Inc. Mohan Kalkunte. (Each of them are pictured below in the same order as they are listed here.)




As the last segment of the summit, Alibaba Senior Technical Expert Dr. Liu Hongqiang hosted a round-table forum, named "High-Performance Network Protocol Stack". During this segment this was much discussion between attendees on topics like high-performance networking, core technology challenges, and the technical directions of Alibaba Group.

Some extinguished guests active in these discussions include Cai Dezhong, Chief Network Architect of the Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, MIT Professor Manya Ghobadi, University of Califronia-San Diego Professor George Porter, and KAIST Professor KyoungSoo Park, and Mellanox's Chief Hardware Architect Idan Burstein.


The preceding summit and the presented by Alibaba Group at this year's SIGCOMM conference marks Alibaba as an important player in the Internet and networking field and industry, proving to be heralds among both tech companies and academic institutions alike.

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