Community Blog 8 Things Customers Expect When Interacting with Brands Digitally

8 Things Customers Expect When Interacting with Brands Digitally

In this blog, we'll explore the key factors that influence customer experience and discuss how brands can to stay ahead of the competition through digital transformation.

Featuring guest blogger, Jamshed Wadia

One of the main benefits of digital transformation within an organization is improving the customer experience, which helps provide a competitive advantage. Digital transformation in this context is the process that closes the gap between what digital consumers expect from a business and what businesses offer as an experience. This portion of digital transformation mainly sits within the scope of Customer Experience (CX) or within the overall marketing team.

What Customers Expect from Brands and How to Achieve Them

So what do customers expect from their digital experience with brands?

  1. Velocity of Response: Be it loading of the website or app or chatbot response, customers appreciate near real-time interactions with brands.
  2. Ease, Simplicity and Convenience: Customers appreciate simplicity, be it the number of steps taken before checking out a shopping cart or just simple ease of navigation.
  3. Suitable Exchange of Value: Customers will feel more compelled to exchange their information for the value offered by the brand in terms of gated content or an offer.
  4. Always On: Not just a one-way communication but a dialogue, a connection and conversation between customers and the brand.
  5. Relevant and Contextual: The customer experience is personalized or contextual to their needs and preferences.
  6. Private and Secure: Although customers want a personalized experience, they also don’t want to compromise their privacy and expect their data to be secure and not misused.
  7. Sponsored Experience: Customers are looking for more immersive experiences, especially places where being physically present is expensive or out of reach.
  8. Consistent across All Touchpoints: Customers expect the same experience across offline and online touchpoints where the brand and content experience should be consistent and seamless.

You may be wondering now, how can a business meet all of the customer requirements presented above? The good news is that all these customer expectations are now possible by making suitable investments in cloud-based marketing technology (MarTech) solutions like:

  • Advertising Cloud: These cloud-based solutions are responsible for ad operations and serving the right content to targeted customers at the right time and an efficient cost.
  • Experience Cloud: These are digital capabilities that enable on-domain experiences, content & asset management, targeting, personalization, and optimization.
  • Marketing Cloud: This enables marketing automation, database management, lead generation, and subscription management
  • Sales Cloud: Cloud-based services that offer sales opportunity management, pipeline management, and lead routing and management.
  • Point Cloud: These solutions offer video management, webinars, social publishing, social listening, social selling, and data management.

Digital Transformation for Businesses through the Cloud

Public cloud providers like Alibaba Cloud can equip you with the right tools and technologies to implement such solutions. A cloud-based strategy also provides you with the scalability and speed needed for your business to stay responsive and adapt to the changing digital landscape. If you suddenly need more computing power, for example, you can scale quickly and easily without the hassle or expenditure of provisioning new hardware.

Alibaba Cloud also protects your data assets from a vast range of online threats, including data breaches and DDoS attacks. You can also create multiple backups across multiple regions on the cloud to reduce the risk of system failures. Data recovery support is also available in near real time to ensure business continuity. By taking advantage of the cloud, organizations can make better use of their resources to improve the profitability of their businesses.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of digital transformation through cloud computing for businesses, I recommend checking out this ebook, Five Ways to Realize Data-Driven Digital Transformation for Your Business.

About the Author

Jamshed Wadia

With over 20 years of experience and a proven track record as a business leader and innovator, Jamshed is an advisor at Startup-O, a global StartUp platform, and a mentor at Eduspaze, Singapore’s first EdTech accelerator. Prior to his advisory roles, Jamshed was the Marketing Director at Intel leading Intel's APJ Marketing Center Of Excellence. His career journey is a story of reinvention, leading change and navigating disruptive business environments, and his need for reinvention has led him to a diverse experience of roles across audiences, and various sales and marketing disciplines.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are for reference only and don't necessarily represent the official views of Alibaba Cloud.

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