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Alibaba Cloud Server Migration Center

This article describes the migration process of Service Migration Center (SMC).

Server Migration Center (SMC) allows you to migrate one or more source servers to Alibaba Cloud. Source servers can be servers in data centers, virtual machines, hosts on other cloud platforms, or servers of other types. This article describes the migration process of SMC.

Prerequisites for SMC

  • Create an Alibaba Cloud account and associate a payment method (credit card or PayPal account)
  • Activate RAM and authorize SMC to access your cloud resources and create and obtain the Access Key pair
  • Activate ECS snapshot service
  • Enable VPN between source and target
  • Create ECS Proxy Server
  • Create VPC and Security Group
  • SMC client has been uploaded.

High-Level Implementation Process

Create an ECS Proxy Server in a VPC with VPN Access

  • Create an ECS proxy server and use the shared image “SMC_PROXY_CETNOS7”

    • systemctl start squid
    • systemctl status squid
    • systemctl enable squid
  • Set the security group of the proxy server and ensure the proxy server can access SMC (telnet smc.aliyuncs.com 443)
  • Verify the squid service on the proxy server is enabled


Start SMC Client on Source VM

  • Config proxy server by editing client_data

Modify the proxy server parameter here

      "proxy": {
      "ip_port": "172.31.**.**:8080",
      "user_pwd": ""
  • Run the Windows GUI version and double-click the go2aliyun_gui.exe file
  • Enter the AccessKey ID and AccessKey secret


Start Migration Tasks on SMC

  • Log on to the SMC console
  • Create a migration task filling in target information


  • Start the migration task
  • Check the tasks that have succeeded


Create ECS Instances to the Images of SMC

SMC Console → Custom Launch → subscription → region → instance type (flavor) → quantity → image (customized image) → VPC → Public IP → Bandwidth→ Security Group

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