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Alibaba Cloud Recognized For Energy Efficiency Tools

Alibaba Cloud’s Technology for Maximizing Data Center Energy Efficiency Recognized was by UNIDO.


Technology developed by Alibaba’s cloud computing arm for maximizing data center energy efficiency won first prize at Global Call 2023, an initiative from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Global Call identifies and awards innovative technologies from the private sector in clean tech and sustainable land management to address climate change.

Alibaba Cloud’s tools improve the energy efficiency of data centers via controling energy-consuming devices, rescheduling and relocating computing tasks to times and places with greater renewable energy availability.

“This technology can improve cost-efficiency and reduce carbon emissions in data center operations, ultimately contributing to the development of environmentally friendly and low-carbon computing power supply for society as a whole,” said Wang Zhaoyang, General Manager, Global Data Center, at Alibaba Cloud.

It also incorporated waste heat recovery technology to capture the heat produced during server operations.

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This article was originally published on Alizila, written by Elizabeth Utley.

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