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Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge

This article gives an overview of Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge.

By Prashant Mishra, CEO and Founder of Click2Cloud Inc. and Alibaba Cloud MVP

With Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge, you get native support for Alibaba Cloud and cloud integration. As a service, business developers can develop communication protocols, perform remote operations and maintenance, and build edge application frameworks, all of which simplify and streamline business development.

Data can be collected using a wide variety of IoT application layer protocols using Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge. It enables cloud applications to use edge capabilities seamlessly by shielding device differences in communication links, standardizing data conversion, and providing standardized object model data.

Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge Is Comprised of the Following Features

1.  An Easy-to-Use Interface with High Compatibility

Link IoT Edge supports programming languages, such as Python, C, and Node.js. Moreover, you can connect devices to edge computing nodes quickly using function computing or driver programming. It also includes resumable uploads, offline access to edge nodes, an automatic data cache, and automatic synchronization over the Internet for cached data.

Fig 1: IoT Platform Interface

2.  Remote Monitoring and Management

Link IoT Edge provides access to devices, networks, and computing resources for easy monitoring and configuration of alarm rules. Additionally, remote access to the console can be acquired with the assistance of another tenant that will manage connection methods as needed.

Fig 2: Remote Monitoring and Management

3.  Edge Clusters for Optimized Computing

Network-centric devices can coexist with multi gateways cooperative access devices on Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge. Data from distributed access devices can be centrally computed according to customizable priorities. You can create applications quickly and deploy them seamlessly to edge nodes through scenario rules, function computing, and stream data analysis,

Fig 3: Edge Clusters for Optimized Computing

4.  Computing with Cloud Integration

You can synchronize local business applications to the edge gateway and configure and manage computing rules in the cloud using the deployment function. You can respond to local events quickly using the local data generated by an Edge device. When a device is disconnected or connected weakly, the cloud can sync the latest data after the network has been restored.

Fig 4: Computing with Cloud Integration

5.  Standby Edge

Hot standby with local mirrored hosts prevents business-critical applications from being interrupted by hardware failure. There are two automatic switching policies supported by master-slave logic: priority policy and equal switching. Fast querying is supported by switching between event clouds.

Fig 5: Standby Edge

6.  A Cutting-Edge Approach to Computing

Local AI is supported by an edge AI framework and common AI model formats, and containerized management is provided by Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge. You can map containers to peripherals flexibly depending on your preferences.

Fig 6: A Cutting-Edge Approach to Computing

Supports 1000+ Devices

Link IoT Edge supports multilingual programming languages. Devices can be migrated to the cloud quickly after debugging.

99.9% Reliability Assurance

There is a 99.9% availability rate for cloud management. The cloud service offers several features, such as network disconnections, active standby hot spots, and edge clusters, to address different failure modes.

Traditional Schemes Are Ten Times More Expensive

Link IoT Edge helps IoT companies reduce long-term costs by providing a comprehensive set of secondary development tools and a wide variety of customized solutions.

Various Scenarios for Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge

Hotel Application

Connecting and Customizing IoT Devices

IoT-enabled devices in hotel rooms can be controlled by hotel guests using voice commands or through apps directly. After all of these measures, hotel guests will experience a more satisfying stay, and the hotel will potentially save money on operations.

Fig 7: Example of Hotel Application


  • Installation Is Simple: It uses a plug-and-play model. Users can simply add devices to the edge management node of Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge to get started.
  • Fully Customizable: Each hotel room can be customized to the tastes of its guests.

Residential Communities with Smart Technologies

Improving the Security and Management of Community Properties

Link IoT Edge can provide smart parking, smart entry, and intelligent surveillance solutions to improve security and streamline property management in residential communities. Residents and property managers can improve management efficiency and enhance resident satisfaction by allowing access and control of devices directly through the app.

Fig 8: Residential Example


  • Integrated with Local Systems: All local systems can exchange data between Edge computing nodes, enabling further customization and data exchange.
  • Easy Customization: The application settings can be customized to suit the preferences of individual community members indoors and outdoors.
  • Artificial Intelligence-Driven Smart Security: Video surveillance and facial recognition algorithms are among the edge-based algorithms edge devices can use.

The Smart Manufacturing Revolution

IoT-Enabled Manufacturing

Production line sensors can be gathered, cleaned, aggregated, analyzed, and sent to the cloud or local storage quickly with edge computing.

Fig 9: IoT-Enabled Manufacturing Example


  1. Using Local Systems to Their Full Potential: With edge computing, data can be sent to the cloud directly from local IT systems, enabling local IT systems to become cloud-enabled.
  2. Powerful Algorithms Integrated into the System: Edge computing can improve product quality measurement and evaluation on the production line using visual algorithms.
  3. Purification of Data: You can clean and analyze device data locally and send to the cloud or store it locally.

Bringing It All to a Close!

Alibaba Cloud Link IoT Edge provides users with local services by extending the capabilities of the cloud and managing millions of edge nodes.

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