Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Becomes First CDN Provider to Receive IPv6 Enabled CDN Logo Certification

Alibaba Cloud Becomes First CDN Provider to Receive IPv6 Enabled CDN Logo Certification

Alibaba Cloud is the first CDN provider in the world to receive the IPv6 Enabled CDN Logo certification issued by the global IPv6 Forum.

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Recently, Alibaba Cloud acquired the IPv6 Enabled CDN Logo certification issued by the global IPv6 Forum. Our CDN and Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) products have been internationally recognized for their support for IPv6 in static resources, streaming media, file downloads, full-website acceleration, and other business scenarios. This makes Alibaba Cloud the first CDN service provider in the world to obtain this level of certification.

The IPv6 Enabled Logo certification is an international IPv6 certification program initiated by the global IPv6 Forum for Internet services and infrastructure. This certification covers websites, applications, content delivery networks (CDNs), cloud services, and data centers. The purpose of this certification is to promote the full support of IPv6 by IPv6 infrastructure and businesses, and to speed up worldwide IPv6 deployment. The IPv6 Enabled CDN Logo certification project tested the IPv6 supportiveness of Alibaba Cloud CDN in several aspects, including CNAME binding and resolution, network connectivity, and content and file acceleration. This was also the first time this certification had been issued to any product.


Under the guidance and impetus of the "Action Plan for Advancing the Extensive Deployment of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China in May 2018, China's IPv6 transformation has achieved remarkable results. As a world-leading technology company, Alibaba has taken the lead in IPv6 R&D and applications since 2017. With the help of carriers, Alibaba has developed a full set of solutions for deploying and optimizing IPv6-enabled technologies. Alibaba Cloud provides an all-in-one IPv6 quick transformation solution to help migrate websites, e-government, and other systems to the cloud. This solution helps customers transform their business systems to the IPv6 architecture within weeks or even days. In addition, Alibaba Cloud can ensure business continuity during the migration by using functions like high-availability protection and disaster recovery.

As early as October 10, 2019, Alibaba Cloud CDN provided an IPv6 configuration function that was available to all users. With it, users can directly toggle on "IPv6" on the Alibaba Cloud CDN management interface to enable IPv6 access for clients and IPv4-and-IPv6 dual-stack access for websites. In this process, no modification needs to be made in the origin site to support IPv6. If a client that accesses the website has an IPv6 address, it can access the website (CDN node) by using IPv6.

Alibaba Cloud CDN has deployed over 2,800 edge nodes and a bandwidth reserve of 130 Tbit/s. It now serves more than 300,000 customers worldwide, accelerates more than a million domain names every day, and performs billions of page refreshes. This service is widely used in many fields such as entertainment, e-commerce, sports, finance, government and enterprises, and education. In addition, CDN provides customers with tailored acceleration solutions for on-demand video playback, live streaming, HTTPS, large files, clients, content security protection, and other business scenarios. These solutions effectively ensure service acceleration and system stability.

To learn more about Alibaba Cloud's achievement, visit the official news announcement at: http://www.ipv6enabled.org/ipv6_enabled/news.php

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