Community Blog AI in the Multi-Cloud: Everything You Need to Know about a Multi-Cloud Solution

AI in the Multi-Cloud: Everything You Need to Know about a Multi-Cloud Solution

Read this blog to learn more about Alibaba Cloud's AI capabilities and the benefits of employing a multi-cloud solution.

To learn more about AI and the benefits of employing a multi-cloud solution, download the Everything You Need to Know about a Multi-Cloud Solution whitepaper here.

In today's data-driven world, a range of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions now exist to store, process and analyze vast volumes of data to help organizations make better decisions.

This is coinciding with multi-cloud solutions, a simple strategy where organizations can adopt more than one cloud service, from more than one cloud vendor. Fortunately, Alibaba Cloud's Container Service provides the autonomy your applications need to run across multiple providers. It provides a set of fully managed and optimized database services so you can monitor and manage your multi-cloud deployment.

But a common question today is, how can AI in the multi-cloud achieve business results? We explore the key features which make this possible below.

Currently, there are two major challenges that businesses must overcome to truly harness the power of AI for today's real-world business problems. First, we need to combine high-volume data from an increasingly diverse collection of sources, including connected devices and social media. This is a complex undertaking, particularly when this information is held over multiple cloud deployments.

Second, despite the rising importance and prevalence of data within our day-to-day lives, a skills shortage exists within the machine learning industry. As a result, many organizations do not have the necessary in-house expertise to create cutting-edge AI solutions that add real business value.

The Solution? Intelligence Brain

At Alibaba Cloud, our Intelligence Brain is one such out-of-the-box solution. It is an ultra-intelligent AI Platform that solves complex business and social problems with advanced big data processing power as well as multi-source and large-scale processing for real time analysis.

Intelligence Brain can work with your multi-cloud deployment, where it seamlessly gathers your data from various cloud providers and then uses our advanced AI capabilities to analyze and utilize this information across a broad range of applications to meet specific business needs.

Let's look at a few examples of the integrated AI capabilities of Intelligence Brain. It features Intelligent Voice Interaction, where you can use our speech recognition algorithms to convert speech to text, for example. Using our Natural Language Processing capabilities, you can also tag speech and offer translation services to your customers.

Our Image Recognition capabilities can analyze vast volumes of data in real time. In the e-commerce sector, for example, you could use image recognition to create a visual search feature or integrate it with augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) to showcase your products. Furthermore, its Text Recognition capabilities could be used to seamlessly extract text from legal contracts, books, research papers and other text-based documents.

A Real-Life Example

A leading car manufacturer wants to optimize production across its worldwide plants. It currently imports data from its production plants and uses a multi-cloud solution that provides the required latency and resilience for its global business. However, this data is often left languishing across its network, failing to provide any valuable business insights.

This is where we can link our Intelligence Brain to the multi-cloud environment in real time, for central management and real-time feedback. By pulling together historical production data from across its multi-cloud infrastructure, we can conduct a full performance analysis for this manufacturer and its various plants.

As a result, new business processes and optimized ways of working can be identified to improve each production environment. This information can then be relayed back to each plant across the multi-cloud network.

Intelligence Brain is now deployed across a variety of industries, such as the smart city, and for a range of medical and environmental applications, with more exciting projects to follow in areas including the financial services and aviation sectors.

To learn more about AI and the other benefits of employing a multi-cloud solution, download the Everything You Need to Know about a Multi-Cloud Solution whitepaper here.

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