Community Blog Activate Your Social Dynamics through the Salesforce Connected Experiences Gateway (CXG)

Activate Your Social Dynamics through the Salesforce Connected Experiences Gateway (CXG)

This article introduces the Salesforce Connected Experiences Gateway (CXG), a new component designed for the Chinese market that integrates Salesforce CRM with local social platforms.

The Salesforce Connected Experiences Gateway is a brand-new component tailored specifically for the Chinese market. This component enables seamless integration of Salesforce CRM with local market infrastructure, helping you to efficiently leverage China's mainstream social platforms. It allows your business to thrive both on your official website and on major Chinese social platforms, unleashing limitless vitality.


Core Modules of CXG

Social Commerce:

Headless e-commerce platform that helps you build multi-channel e-commerce websites and mini programs. Start using immediately without the need for other systems.

Social Integration:

Custom-built for the Chinese social ecosystem, including integration with official accounts, mini-programs, etc., expanding the functionality of Salesforce CRM.

Unique Advantages of CXG

Low-Friction Integration

Seamlessly integrate with local Chinese social channels like WeChat and WeCom, greatly reducing the difficulty of entry and operation.

Panoramic Customer Perspective

Synchronize data from social platforms to comprehensively understand customer interactions, providing your team with a panoramic view of customers, making each interaction more valuable.

Precise Customer Service

With seamless integration of Salesforce Service Cloud, even large customer service teams can achieve dual improvements in efficiency and service quality, offering personalized customer support.

Powerful Process Automation

Utilize the expanded functionality of Salesforce Flow for the automated management of social channel messages, from order confirmation to transaction notifications, keeping everything under control.

Typical Practical Scenarios of CXG

E-commerce Official Website/Mini-Program:

Utilize the social commerce module to easily establish an e-commerce platform, allowing customers to directly place orders and make purchases.

WeChat Official Account/Mini-Program Customer Service:

Combine Salesforce CRM to provide seamless customer service through WeChat.

WeCom Chat Archiving:

Archive WeCom communication records directly to CRM, strengthening customer trust and service quality.

CXG Versions and Pricing

The features of the product are consistent across different versions, but they offer varying quantities of usage quotas (Credits). Click to view the Credits conversion table (only available in Chinese version)

Versions (Annual Subscription) Credits/year Price/year (CNY, with tax)
Starter 2,000,000 ¥53,000
Basic 20,000,000 ¥445,200
Professional 50,000,000 ¥890,400
Corporate 100,000,000 ¥1,335,600
Enterprise 200,000,000 ¥1,780,800

Getting Started

To obtain more information on how to quickly start using the Connected Experiences Gateway (CXG), including setting up CDN, SMS, API development guides, Webhook, and data analytics integration guides, please refer to our CXG Best Practices (Only available in Chinese version)

We are confident that the Salesforce Connected Experiences Gateway (Internet Gateway CXG) will be an effective accelerator for your business development.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our sales representatives, or visit our official website for more details. Get connected with us at https://www.alibabacloud.com/en/solutions/salesforce?_p_lc=1#J_9054486720

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