Community Blog Ant Group SOFAStack Listed in an Authoritative Report on Cloud-Native

Ant Group SOFAStack Listed in an Authoritative Report on Cloud-Native

This short article discusses Ant Group's recent accolades in the China Cloud-Native Market Analysis Report.

With the gradual development of cloud computing, cloud-native is becoming a must for all cloud vendors.


Recently, International Data Corporation (IDC), an international authoritative research institution, released the China Cloud-Native Market Analysis Report (hereinafter referred to as the Report). The Report focuses on the current situation and development trends of the cloud-native market and evaluates cloud-native vendors in China. Ant Group appears in the Report as an important vendor. According to IDC data, Ant Group has become one of the vendors with the most comprehensive cloud-native technologies in China.

As the crucial technology to maximize the benefits of cloud computing, cloud-native is becoming an important technological engine to drive the growth of the cloud industry and the entire digital economy. More traditional enterprises are beginning to embrace and use cloud-native technologies and development approaches. Experts generally believe the cloud-native era will be an inevitable stage in the development of cloud computing.

According to IDC, among the enterprises that use cloud-native technology, nearly 50% of them have applied cloud-native technology to the core and sub-core systems of their production environments, and 83% of them have indicated that they would invest more in cloud-native.

Based on a survey on the value that cloud-native brings to enterprises, IDC found that the technology has brought benefits to enterprises, including agile infrastructure, simplified O&M, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, and accelerated innovation. Let's take PICC Health Insurance Company Limited as an example. After applying the cloud-native solution SOFAStack of Ant Group, the launching efficiency of its innovative Internet insurance products has been improved by 80%, and the O&M labor cost has been reduced by 90%.

As an emerging technology, the cloud-native technological ecosystem is still being constantly enriched and developed. Also, a technology chain covering the entire lifecycle of cloud-native has formed. In the Report, IDC defines 14 cloud-native technical areas. Among them, Ant Group SOFAStack covers eight areas: messaging and streaming and batch processing, CI/CO, orchestration and scheduling, microservice framework, API gateway, service mesh, observation and analysis, and automation and configuration.

SOFAStack of Ant Group is a pioneer in the cloud-native field in China. After a five-generation evolution of architecture, it has formed full-stack products, including LinkE for R&D performance, distributed middleware, CAFE for application O&M management, and TRaaS for technical risk protection, covering the entire lifecycle management of applications from design, R&D, delivery, to O&M. SOFAStack helps enterprises upgrade from a single architecture to a cloud-native architecture and the needs to meet security compliance. It achieves overall evolution, high-available architecture, and agile innovation.

SOFAStack has high stability, compatibility, and reliability and can operate stably on devices and system platforms developed by Chinese companies, supporting the crucial application requirements of enterprises. SOFAStack has completed product compatibility and mutual certification with dozens of domestic mainstream manufacturers of operating systems, CPUs, and other software and hardware, such as Kylin Soft.


In addition, SOFAStack and Bank of Nanjing jointly launched the Xinyun+ open platform. The platform features high-performance bearing, agile development, strong data consistency, and disaster recovery capability, significantly improving the loan transaction processing, cost control, and docking efficiency of the Internet finance core system of the Bank of Nanjing.

Based on SOFAStack, Cathay Insurance has adopted the best practices of Ant Group in large-scale distributed systems and container platforms, improving the R&D efficiency and automation level. The distributed systems and container platforms enable Cathay Insurance to focus on the R&D of business applications, improving business implementation and capabilities for continuous operation.

According to public information, SOFAStack is widely used in banking, securities, insurance, and other industries. SOFAStack serves hundreds of financial institutions (such as Bank of Nanjing, Zhejiang Rural Credit, and China Insurance) and has become the preferred expert for financial institutions to move towards cloud-native. More than 60% of the top 50 banking institutions in China have adopted SOFAStack to help cloud-native distributed transformation.

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