Community Blog 4 Easy Steps to Creating a VPC Without Using the Three Major Private CIDR Blocks

4 Easy Steps to Creating a VPC Without Using the Three Major Private CIDR Blocks

In this article, we'll show you how to implement public IP addresses for VPC creation through the use of APIs.

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As a private network carrier, a virtual private cloud (VPC) only supports the following major private CIDR blocks by default:


However, to facilitate users' network planning, public IP addresses can be used for VPC creation. This function is not supported on the VPC console, but rather, it can be implemented through APIs.

Step 1: Log on to the web-based API platform at https://api.aliyun.com/


As shown in the preceding UI image, click Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Enter CreateVpc, as shown in the following UI image.


Step 2: Set the parameters accordingly.

Set the mandatory parameters, marked with asterisks (*).

In CidrBlock, enter the custom CIDR block that is required. This parameter defines the address range available for the creation of the VPC.

In UserCidr, enter the custom CIDR block as required. This allows route forwarding of the CIDR block information in the VPC to be created.


Step 3: Complete the VPC creation process.

Click Submit Request at the bottom on the page.


The VPC is created by using a public IP address and you can now deploy cloud resources in the VPC.


Step 4: Submit a ticket to enable the whitelist feature.

By default, the VPC forwards traffic from only the three major private CIDR blocks. To enable the VPC to forward traffic from non-standard public CIDR blocks, enable the whitelist feature at the backend.

You'll need to submit a ticket and submit the VPC ID, together with the public CIDR block, to apply a public CIDR block for the VPC.

If you have followed the above steps correctly, you should have successfully set up a VPC with a public IP address CIDR block.

Learn more about Alibaba Cloud's VPC at https://www.alibabacloud.com/product/vpc

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