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Operate and Manage a Cloud Server


Alibaba Cloud Monitoring & Management
Alibaba Cloud Monitoring & Management
Clouder at a Glance
  • Video Course Duration
    45 Minutes
  • Available Languages
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This course helps you quickly master Alibaba Cloud Monitoring & Management related services, so that you can efficiently and quickly manage resources on the Alibaba Cloud. This course mainly explains the functions and basic usage of two services:Alibaba Cloud ActionTrail and Cloud Monitor, and impresses you by demonstrating the operation.
Recommended For
Cloud server users, Cloud computing enthusiasts
Exam Overview
  • Certification:
    Apsara Clouder - Cloud Computing: Alibaba Cloud Monitoring & Management
  • Exam Type:
  • Available Languages:
  • Exam Duration:
    30 Minutes
  • No. of Exam Attempts:
    2 Times
Alibaba Cloud Monitoring & Management
Through this course, you can learn about Alibaba Cloud ActionTrail and CloudMonitor services, and can basically use them.
Show Details
  • Course Objectives
  • Overview of Cloud Server Maintenance
  • ​Introduction of CloudMonitor
  • ​Introduction of ActionTrail
  • ​Operation Demonstration of CloudMonitor
  • Operation Demonstration of ActionTrail
  • Summary
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