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Some people often call CV and Resume as "Resume". In fact, to be precise, CV should be "Resume", and Resume is the Resume. Resume outlines the relevant educational preparation and experience, which is a summary of experience and skills; curriculum vitae focuses on academic work and does not pay attention to the materials that are not directly related to educational level and academic performance. Generally speaking, CV is a little stricter than Resume, which can better highlight my professional background and strength. When applying for a British school, whether to submit a Resume or CV depends on the specific requirements of the school. In general, when applying for undergraduate courses and lecturing master's courses in British universities, each school has its own requirements for submitting Resume or CV; While when applying for research master's courses or even doctor's degree, A CV is obviously more appropriate. Of course, for most student applicants who do not have rich academic research experience and work experience, the difference between the two lies more in the format. Resume should include the following content: ◆ Personal Information, namely Personal Information, including your name, contact address, contact number and Email. ◆ Name. It is the same as the names of various academic certificates. If there is any change of name, it must be declared at the time of notarization and attached with the notarization certificate. ◆ gender. ◆ date and place of birth, strive to be consistent with the date of birth of all kinds of academic certificates, and the place of birth should specify the country and province. ◆ nationality. ◆Marriage No. ◆ current work unit/School and detailed mailing address. ◆Educational background, namely Educational background, starting from university, starting and ending from time, school, department, degree, GPA, thesis title, you can write some core courses you have learned, pay attention not to too much, 5-6 doors are enough. ◆ significant personal Experience, namely Experience. Including work experience, academic experience, volunteer experience, etc.: start and end of time, company or organization name, position, and specific work. This part can be described emphatically. ◆ Honors obtained are Honors. All kinds of rewards you get. Honors in academic and social activities can be written down. The format is: Time, award name (all in English), award range (selected from the number of people, selected by the Department or the whole school), award reason. ◆ personal publishing works. Title, author, time, magazine (including page number, Chinese and English, subject to the original publication). Attention is paid to academic works. ◆ the participating organizations are Membership & Affiliations. Participate in the Association, Association, at the same time indicate their duties and work. ◆ others: including standardized examination results, computer level, main experimental skills, interests and hobbies, etc. Note: different majors should have different emphases, and some things that are helpful for application can be added as appropriate.



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