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generalized SUSE  Linux is a series of Linux distributions. The first version appeared in early 1994. SUSE, one of the oldest existing commercial distributions, originated in Germany and currently has the following versions:
SUSE Linux for individual users. There are three versions of the SUSE Linux released on October 6, 2005-" OSS version" (fully open source code), "trial version" (including open source code programs and exclusive programs such as Adobe Reader, real Player and so on are actually boxed retail versions, which can also be downloaded for free and installed on hard disks without restrictions or deadlines, but do not include instructions and technical support provided by Novell) and the boxed retail version.
Novell has improved SUSE Linux and created Linux versions for enterprise or advanced desktop applications. The main product versions include [1]  
SUSE Manager (version 1.7)
SUSE Studio

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SUSE  Linux is based on Slackware Linux and provides a complete German interface. In 1992, Peter McDonald established the Softlanding Linux System(SLS) release. This release version contains a lot of software, and it is the first time to include X Window, equipments and other kits. Slackware is an SLS-based distribution.
SUSE it was founded at the end of 1992, aiming to become a UNIX technology company, which specially produced the customized SLS/ Slackware software and UNIX/ Linux documentation for Germans. In 1994, they launched the installation CD of SLS/Slackware for the first time, named S.u.S.... Linux 1.0. After that, it integrated the Florian La Roche of Jurix distribution (also a Slackware-based distribution version), and launched a completely self-built distribution version-s.u.s... Linux 4.2 in 1996. Later, SUSE Linux adopted many Red Hat Linux characteristics. (Use RPM and/etc/sysconfig)
"S.u.S.E." was later renamed/short as "SuSE", meaning "Software- und System-Entwicklung", which is a German sentence and English is "Software and system development". Now the company's name is changed to SUSE Linux again, and the word "SUSE" does not contain any meaning any more. There is an unofficial rumor that "SUSE" also refers to a pun Konrad Zuse by the German computer pioneer.
On November 4th, 2003, Novell said it would propose an acquisition of SUSE. The acquisition was completed in January 2004. Novell also assured everyone that the development work of SUSE would continue. Novell even replaced the system of all the computers in the company with SUSE LINUX, at the same time, YaST2, a unique and excellent system management program of SUSE, will be released with GPL authorization.
On August 4th, 2005, Bruce Lowry, the leader and spokesman of Novell public relations department, said that the development of SUSE Linux Professional series would become more open and involve the community in the work. The new development plan, called openSUSE, aims to attract more users and developers. Compared with the past, all developers and users can now test SUSE products and develop a new version of SUSE together. In the past, SUSE was developed internally. SUSE 10.0 is the first version to be tested by the public. To coordinate with this change, users can not only purchase a boxed version of SUSE, but also download it from the Internet for free. A series of changes made the SUSE Linux released on October 6, 2005 have three versions-"OSS version" (fully open source code), " Trial Version" (including open source code programs and exclusive programs such as Adobe Reader, Real Player, etc., is actually a boxed retail version, which can also be downloaded for free and installed on the hard disk, and there is no use limit or deadline, but does not include
ming manual and technical support provided by Novell) and boxed retail edition.
On November 22nd, 2010, Novell announced that it had agreed to accept the acquisition of Attachmate group at a price of 2.2 billion US dollars, [3] 201
on April 27th, 1, Attachmate group completed the acquisition of Novell (including SUSE business) and split Novell into two independent departments to operate, SUSE as one
independent business departments.
SUSE includes an installation and system management tool yast2. It can split disks, install systems,
online updates, network and firewall configuration settings, user management, and other more work. It provides a convenient combination interface for the original complicated setting work.
SUSE allows you to adjust the size of the NTFS hard disk during installation, making it easier to install Linux on a computer with Windows 2000 or XP installed. In addition, SUSE automatically detects many common Windows modems and installs drivers for them.
SUSE also includes multiple desktop environments under Linux, such as KDE and GNOME, and some Windows administrators, such as Window Maker and Blackbox. The YaST2 installer also allows users to choose to use GNOME or KDE or not to install the graphical interface. SUSE has provided users with a series of multimedia programs such as K3B(CD/DVD burning), amaroK (music player) and Kaffeine (movie player). It also includes other text reading/ processing software, such as PDF file reading software, etc. [4] 
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