Use Source Monitor to detect the loop complexity of Java code-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

Today I found a useful free software called “SourceMonitor” which can help to calculate and monitor the java code ( and other programming language like C++, C# etc ) complexity.

For the definition and how to calculate cyclomatic complexity itself, please refer to detail in wikipedia.

In order to demonstrate the usage of this software, I use a very simple java class below for example:

package test; import java.util.ArrayList; public class monthTool {  static ArrayList<String> monthCollection = new ArrayList<String>();  public static void main(String[] args) {  monthTool tool = new monthTool();  tool.printV1(1);  tool.printV2(2);  tool.printV1(0);  tool.printV2(-1);  tool.printV3(3);  tool.printV3(13);  }  public monthTool(){  monthCollection.add("Invalid");  monthCollection.add("January");  monthCollection.add("Febrary");  monthCollection.add("March");  monthCollection.add("April");  monthCollection.add("May");  monthCollection.add("June");  monthCollection.add("July");  monthCollection.add("August");  monthCollection.add("September");  monthCollection.add("October");  monthCollection.add("November");  monthCollection.add("December");  }  public void printV1(int month){  System.out.println("Month is: " + getMonthNameV1(month));  }  public void printV2(int month){  if( month >= 1 && month <= 12)  System.out.println("Month is: " + getMonthNameV2(month));  else  System.out.println("Please specify a valid month");  }  public void printV3(int month) {  System.out.println("Month is: " + getMonthNameV3(month));  }  public String getMonthNameV2(int month){  if( month == 1)  return "January";  else if( month == 2)  return "Febrary";  else if( month == 3)  return "March";  else if( month == 4)  return "April";  else if( month == 5)  return "May";  else if( month == 6)  return "June";  else if( month == 7)  return "July";  else if( month == 8)  return "August";  else if( month == 9)  return "September";  else if( month == 10)  return "October";  else if( month == 11)  return "November";  else if( month == 12)  return "December";  else  return "Invalid";  }  public String getMonthNameV1(int month){  switch (month){  case 1:  return "January";  case 2:  return "Febrary";  case 3:  return "March";  case 4:  return "April";  case 5:  return "May";  case 6:  return "June";  case 7:  return "July";  case 8:  return "August";  case 9:  return "September";  case 10:  return "October";  case 11:  return "November";  case 12:  return "December";  default:  return "Invalid";  }  }  public String getMonthNameV3(int month){  try {  return monthCollection.get(month);  }  catch (java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException e){  return "Invalid";  }  } } 

It has three different ways to convert an integer into a month name if possible, or else the string “Invalid” is returned.

(1) Create a new project:

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