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as for the gray certificate options, many people have encountered this problem because of the revision of Apple's developer center, which was originally put in the article, but now mentioned above

if ios development is gray and non-clickable, what Apple said is

if you want to add a certificate for this computer, revoke the previous certificate and then add it, or export the certificate through the previous mac

        I don't remember the original text. Probably, Apple doesn't want multiple Mac certificates to appear in your developer account. If certificates have been added to other mac, export directly through P12 (see the export method below) and then use it to the current Mac, or delete the previous certificate and then add

i. Material description required for real machine debugging

before applying for a real-machine debugging certificate, explain the documents required for Apple Real-machine debugging:  

2. START application

     open iOS Dev Center , select Sign in to log in (at least $99 account), log in and select Certificates,Identifiers & Profiles --> Identifiers

3. Add App ID

choose Identifiers> App IDs to add

App ID use. The symbol consists of two parts. By default, the prefix of the App ID is your team ID, and the suffix is defined as a bundle ID search string, each part of the AppID has a different and important purpose for your application

3.1, Explicit App ID

Explicit App ID: If you plan to add Game Center to your application, or use in- App purchases to protect your data, use iCloud, or if you want to give your application a unique configuration file, you must apply for Explicit App ID.

     To create a Explicit App ID, enter a unique string in the box below. This string must match the Bundle ID of your application. Apple recommends using   com. Your company name. app name   as your Bundle ID, if you choose Explicit App ID,Bundle ID   cannot contain *

3.2. Wildcard App ID: General-purpose App ID. You only need to use the format of com.oschina.* to match multiple applications. This article takes general-purpose as an example.

Wildcard App ID: Allows you to use one App ID to match multiple apps. To create a common App ID, use the * sign at the end of the input Bundle ID.

4. App Services: Services provided by applications

App Services: select the service that will be used in your application. After the App ID is registered, you can edit your selection again.

   Tick the options used in your application, because I chose the general purpose (WildCard), so Game Center,In-App Purchase, Push Notifications are not optional, if you want to use these functions, select exact type (Explicit)

5. Confirmation information , after confirmation, select Submit. The words "Registration complete" and "Done" appear.

4. Add Devices (Devices)

1. Connect the device to the computer and open it in XCode's Organizer->Devices

    the Organizer below Xcode5 can be found in the upper-right corner of the software. For the Organizer of XCode5, select Window> Organizer (the shortcut key shift + command +2). After the device is connected to XCode, there are three types of signal lights in the Devices: gray, yellow and green.

   1.1. Gray light

if the device has not been used as a development machine before, the light on the device should be gray in the Devices. There is an option to use the device as a development machine on the right side. Click it. Since there is no new device, you cannot take a screenshot to demonstrate it.

1.2 yellow light, there are two situations

  • the device is not connected properly. Please plug the cable again and check whether the interface is plugged tightly. If it is still a yellow light, there is no next situation.
  • The device version is later than the version that XCode can support, such as XCode4.6.3. The maximum version that can be supported is not iOS 6.1. If your device does not have iOS 7 or later, you need to update it to XCode5.

1.3 Green light: indicates that the connection is successful and can be debugged

2. UDID, you can see the UDID of the device through itunes and Xcode

  •  in itunes, after the device is connected, there is an "ECID", click to view the UDID.
  • orga in Xcode in the nizer, the Identifier column of the device is UDID.

3. Return to the Apple Developer Center and select the Add button in the right column of the Devices. The method is the same as adding App ID.

     You can also choose to add more than one device. I said that my IQ is not enough. No, you can add 100 devices for an account of $99, but I don't know for an account of $299.. Tips: add devices it cannot be deleted in the following year. If you want to delete it, you must renew it in the following year.

5. Add a certificate (Certificates)

   1. Select Certificates> development, add certificate

   2. Apply for a certificate

    2.1. Open the keychain in the computer: choose LaunchPad-> Other-> Keychain Access 2.2. Choose Keychain Access> certificate assistant> request certificate from certificate authority                2.3. Fill in the email address and name, and click continue storage, which is generally stored on the desktop (according to personal preferences)             2.4. Return to the developer interface and select Continue. The upload certificate interface appears. 2.5. Select Choose File to upload the stored certificate, and then select Generate. 2.6. After the certificate is generated, a certificate that can be Download appears. Select download , double-click installation can

6. Add a description file (Provisioning Profiles)

  1. select Provisioning Profiles> Development, and then select add key on the right
  2. Select Type -> Select iOS App Development -> Select Continue
  3. select App ID, select the previously added com.oschina.*, and select Continue
  4. select certificate, select the generated development certificate, and then select Continue
  5. when you select a device, the device list appears. Generally, all devices are added to the device list to facilitate debugging. You do not need to apply for a profile, and select Continue.
  6. Name the profile and do not contain punctuation marks. Select Generate
  7. select download and double-click install

7. Configure XCode

  1. open XCode and plug in the Device. If XCode does not display the Device but iOS Device status, check whether the version in the Targets->iOS Application Target->Deployment Target does not match the Device version.
  2. Select the Build Settings in the preceding figure, and set the profile in the Code Signing to the downloaded Provisoning Profile, or set it to the Automatic profile in the iPhone Developer. XCode will automatically match the description file.
  3. Check whether the Bundle ID matches the Bundle in the App ID contained in the description file, and select TARGETS> Summary to check. Since we are applying for a general-purpose App ID, Bundle Identifier only need to use com.oschina. Just start with it, and you can fill it in at will writing
select a real device and run it.

8. P12 export certificate

in the keychain, find iPhone Developer in the logon option, right-click and select export, and select personal information exchange (.p12), and copy the created provision profile file and certificate to another mac, double-click the installation to use it

PS: If the device is a Jailbreak device, no matter whether your device is included in the provision profile, it can be debugged on a real machine. If you don't want to spend $99, you can buy a certificate on Taobao, or ask for their P12 certificate from relatives and friends. Good luck !

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