Alibaba established the first IoT ecosystem alliance-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

On June 10, 2017(ICA), Alibaba IoT, together with nearly 200 IoT industry chain enterprises, announced the establishment of the IoT partner Alliance, clarifying the alliance's objectives, working mechanism, and organizational structure. This is the first alliance meeting since Alibaba released the global IoT ecosystem partnership program last year, marking that IoT will enter the fast lane of ecological development. The IoT industry has entered the critical point of the outbreak. However, the fragmentation of scenarios makes it difficult for products and services to be interconnected, and security issues are the biggest pain points affecting the development of IoT. Kuwei, the chairman of the first alliance and the general manager of Alibaba IoT, said at the conference that the alliance's goal is to establish and cultivate an open, interconnected and secure IoT industry ecosystem and open up Alibaba's ecological resources, make the entire IoT industry bigger and stronger. Kuwei said, for this reason, the IoT alliance will devote itself to building standards and ecosystems with Internet thinking, as a adhesive to open up existing technical standards and leverage international standards to promote the development of the entire IoT industry. At present, the alliance has more than 200 partners, covering brand manufacturers, chips, modules, security, sensors, smart home and other types of IoT industry chain partners, including Suning, Haier, Qualcomm, midea, Jin Yatuo, Bosch, Hongyan electric, Shi Naide and other well-known IoT industry chain enterprises. Wang Yunci, marketing director of Alibaba IoT, said that Alibaba would integrate various IoT-related resources in the ecosystem, including e-commerce, cloud, and financial logistics, to give priority to ICA partners and encourage and support innovative projects. Zhu Hongru, director of Alibaba's Standardization Department, elaborated on the working mechanism of the alliance and said that it would create an ecological closed loop of "ecological sharing, co-construction of standards, product docking, testing and certification, financial support and channel promotion, promote the rapid and healthy development of the IoT market. Liu Dapeng, a senior expert from Alibaba's Standardization Department, announced the alliance's next work plan and will set up several working groups on interfaces and data to carry out a series of research and development and cooperation in standard co-construction, testing and certification, and exchange and cooperation. Industry observers believe that the alliance has strong commercial and market appeal through Alibaba's ecological resources and cloud computing services, which will strongly promote the maturity and standardization of China's and even the global IoT market.

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