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At the 2018 Yunqi Conference · Shenzhen Summit, which opened in Shenzhen in March 2018, Hu Xiaoming, senior vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Alibaba Cloud, announced that Alibaba would fully enter the IoT field , IoT is a new main track after Alibaba's relay business, finance, logistics, and cloud computing.

For Wuxi, Hongshan internet of things town is no stranger. The Feifeng platform, which supports the innovation of the Internet of Things, has gained a lot of achievements.

The Feifeng platform integrates Alibaba Cloud's R & D and accumulation in the field of the internet of things for many years, and builds the world's leading cloud architecture basic layer, platform layer, and application layer in accordance with open standards. It also supports heterogeneous networks such as NB-IOT and LORA, the basic IoT platform of mainstream IoT communication protocols and technical standards.

As the infrastructure of the Internet of Things, The Feifeng platform mainly solves the problem of "unified rules" of the Internet of Things technology. How can thousands of sensors and hundreds of transmission protocols be organically formed into a structible reuse, at the same time, it can open up the cloud architecture of the Internet and provide basic services for the exponential take-off of application scenarios in the Internet of Things industry.

In this issue, Alibaba Cloud MVP tech show invited four Alibaba Cloud MVP who have been deeply engaged in the internet of things for many years to give a comprehensive introduction to the application and practice of the Feifeng platform, comprehensive analysis from one-stop IoT development, Web plug-in development, fast hardware access, and Apsara stack platform access support (Smart Gateway) . The site is fully occupied and live broadcasts are simultaneously performed in the Alibaba Cloud ACE (technical developer community) DingTalk group. If you do not want to miss the wonderful content, please scan the QR code at the bottom of the article , join Alibaba Cloud ACE (technical developer community), regularly push dry goods, and grow together!

Let's take a look at what the four MVP shared:

-- Share the difficulties and opportunities of IoT application development, an all-in-one IoT development platform.

-- Share plug-ins created based on Feifeng platform, new versions, associated services, local development, pretext debugging, local packaging, deployment and release.

-- Sharing by defining the functional model of the product, different "objects" are integrated and abstracted into resources on the network to realize rapid integration with applications, enables developers in various IoT scenarios and industries to implement intelligent upgrades from connecting to services.

  • Alibaba Cloud MVP and Huang Xue, operation director of Jiangsu Zhihui Xinwu Information Technology Co., Ltd, shared "Feifeng platform Web plug-in development"

-- Share the emergence of ganglia gateway, providing developers with more choices. At the same time, we will give some guidance to developers and cooperate with mainstream manufacturers and countries to take a further step towards standardization.

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