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Using Virtual Machines

Now that you have created several running virtual machines, you can assign users to access them from the user portal. You can use virtual machines the same way you would use a physical desktop.

Assign User Permissions

oVirt has a sophisticated multi-level administration system, in which customized permissions for each system component can be assigned to different users as necessary. For instance, to access a virtual machine from the user portal a user must have either UserRole or PowerUserRole permissions for the virtual machine. These permissions are added from the manager administration portal. For more information on the levels of user permissions refer to the oVirt Administration Guide.

To assign PowerUserRole permissions

1. Navigate to the Tree pane and click Expand All. Click the VMs icon under the Default cluster. On the Virtual Machines tab, select the virtual machine you would like to assign a user.

2. On the Details pane, navigate to the Permissions tab. Click the Add button.

3. The Add Permission to User dialog displays. Enter a Name, or User Name, or part thereof in the Search textbox, and click Go. A list of possible matches display in the results list.

Figure 18. Add PowerUserRole Permission

4. Select the check box of the user to be assigned the permissions. Scroll through the Assign role to user list and select PowerUserRole. Click OK.

Log in to the User Portal

Now that you have assigned PowerUserRole permissions on a virtual machine to the user named admin, you can access the virtual machine from the user portal. To log in to the user portal, all you need is a Linux client running Mozilla Firefox.

If you are using a Fedora client, install the SPICE plug-in before logging in to the User Portal. Run:

   # yum install spice-xpi

To log in to the User Portal

1. Open your browser and navigate to https://domain.example.com/UserPortal. Substitute domain.example.com with the oVirt Engine server address.

2. The login screen displays. Enter your User Name and Password, and click Login.

You have now logged into the user portal. As you have PowerUserRole permissions, you are taken by default to the Extended User Portal, where you can create and manage virtual machines in addition to using them. This portal is ideal if you are a system administrator who has to provision multiple virtual machines for yourself or other users in your environment.

Note: When launching SPICE consoles use SHIFT+F11 to switch to fullscreen mode and SHIFT+F12 to release the mouse cursor.

Figure 19. The Extended User Portal

You can also toggle to the Basic User Portal, which is the default (and only) display for users with UserRole permissions. This portal allows users to access and use virtual machines, and is ideal for everyday users who do not need to make configuration changes to the system. For more information, see the oVirt User Portal Guide.

Figure 20. The Basic User Portal

You have now completed the Quick Start Guide, and successfully set up oVirt.

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