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According to a survey of global Disaster Recovery decision makers by Forrester/Disaster Recovery daily (Disaster Recovery Journal), 35% of companies said that when recovering recent disasters or major business interruptions, one of the biggest challenges is that technical capabilities do not match business expectations. The survey found that business managers and senior managers require their IT departments to provide better availability.

At present, CIO and IT decision makers of enterprises are most concerned about business continuity and the need for tested and verified planning. In today's environment, enterprises should be able to effectively and efficiently manage unexpected downtime of any scale. Only in this way can the requirements of "enterprise-level business sustainability" be met.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS,Disaster Recovery as a Service) provides solutions to these challenges and has recently received widespread attention. The availability report released by Veeam earlier this year shows that 70% of the interviewees have invested or planned to invest in DRaaS. But the end user told us that it was very difficult to implement.

What is the real DRaaS

in fact, the definition of what is the real DRaaS in the industry is still not very clear. Industry analysis Forrester defines DRaaS as a service that allows customers to migrate their local infrastructure to a multi-tenant cloud environment in the event of a fault, thus restoring normal operations, customers only need to pay based on usage." Various order-based DR services have emerged in today's market.

Veeam believes that DRaaS is a strategy. When the traditional DR method cannot meet the requirements of DR for time, place, budget and complexity, CIO should consider DRaaS. Proper deployment of DRaaS can achieve greater flexibility, reliability, and automation. However, one of the main reasons why DRaaS is difficult to be implemented successfully is that people did not take DRaaS into account when formulating the general data protection strategy. Therefore, IT does not pay much attention to their investment in the current data center, adding additional management complexity and making the business more uncertain. In fact, it can be recovered when serious problems occur. This gap is obvious in the call scenario, resulting in high downtime costs in production.

The high interest of enterprise executives in DRaaS is combined with various factors, which are Veeam cloud and service provider (VCSP) partners and ProPartners in DRaaS market have brought huge business opportunities-providing large-scale multi-tenant services.

How to implement DRaaS

based on the challenges mentioned above in the process of implementing DraaS, Veeam gives the following suggestions on how to implement DRaaS:

1.DRaaS shall be integrated into a complete availability policy. When consulting customers, service providers need to demonstrate that Enterprises combine backup, copy, and cloud technologies to protect their data, maintain a coherent user experience, and reduce total costs and complexity.

2.Veeam cloud connection serves as a service provider to provide DRaaS, making everything simple, intuitive, and transparent. Customers of service providers can give full play to the advantages of the hybrid cloud architecture without affecting direct communication and personal relationships with customers as DRaaS providers.

3. Finally, and most importantly, the IT department of service provider customers will continue to test, configure and use services in their own way to help their enterprises achieve efficient business output. And from beginning to end, they think that it is a familiar and trustworthy supplier that helps them manage DRaaS strategy.


at present, enterprises have put forward higher requirements than ever before. They hope to be able to access the ever-generating data all day long and effectively meet the requirements of enterprise-level business sustainability through the implementation of DRaaS. As an industry expert in disaster backup technology, the DraaS solution provided by Veeam can meet such needs. The Veeam Availability Suite v9 solution has hundreds of enterprise-specific enhancements and innovative features, and can provide the following features: high-speed recovery, data loss avoidance, proven recoverability, effectively utilize data and make a comprehensive perspective. With Veeam Availability Suite v9,Veeam helps enterprises of all sizes narrow this gap (Availability gap) and provide 24/7 Availability.

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