Nutanix. The NEXT conference announced a number of new computing and object storage services-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

Nutanix put forward the concepts of One Click, One OS and Any Cloud, and launched a series of new services across multiple clouds, private and public, virtualization computing and object storage.

Of course, this assumes that IT is deployed locally as a public cloud. Nutanix view is that almost everything is digital, including public clouds. In other words, software the abstraction layer virtualizes and provides access to the underlying physical and virtual resources, as well as mobility between the two resources. There will be a centralized control plane to run this decentralized system, which Nutanix.

Nutanix launched three developer-oriented services for Acropolis Hypervisor(AHV): Acropolis Object Storage Service, Acropolis Compute Cloud (AC2), and Nutanix App Marketplace.

Acropolis Object Storage Service

this service is compatible with S3 API operations and will be embedded into Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. In other words, Nutanix is adding object storage to AHV.

This is to provide an on-demand object storage tool for collecting, storing, and managing billions of objects in a single namespace. For applications such as archiving, the public cloud consumption mode will be adopted.

Nutanix indicates that this will provide the basis for multi-cloud storage facilities, with lifecycle management and cross-cloud layering.

Acropolis Compute Cloud

AC2 will become a part of the Enterprise Cloud OS. It supports pure computing nodes in Nutanix deployment for CPU-intensive applications, such as distributed analysis workloads, front-end Web services, Citrix XenApp deployment, and memory analysis.

Nutanix said that IT managers will be able to deliver computing to the application development team in the form of a consumable, vertically expanded, and downward expanded resource.

Nutanix App Marketplace

add App Marketplace service to Nutanix multi-cloud application, automation, and orchestration tool Calm. You can define a standard-based blueprint and publish it to Marketplace. The application team can then use these services in their development.

In addition, infrastructure and developer tools such as Kubernetes, Hadoop, MySQL, Jenkins, and Puppet will be launched.


in the future, we will see that at runtime, the development code will use the Object Storage Service (accessed by S3) and available computing services, which are built in AHV, or VMware, Amazon, Azure, object storage accessed by Google computing, Cloudian, Amazon S3, or other S3.

At the Nutanix .NEXT Conference held in Nice, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey said: "Cloud is not a physical destination. It can also be digitized. Cloud is a highly digital data center." He likes concepts such as invisible data centers and consumption-level simplification.

By using the software abstraction layer that you can provide access and the mobility between them, many instances that you have already abstracted, whether physical server physical storage or public cloud services. This avoids locking and provides flexibility in service consumption patterns.

AHV v5.5

the upcoming AHV v5.5 will include Citrix Provisioning Service (PVS), a VDI deployment technology that supports virtual GPU.

This will help Nutanix AHV customers accelerate graphic rendering in fields such as high-resolution medical imaging and 3D geospatial applications.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software will support Nutanix already in Skylake CPU all-in-one machine, server platforms from OEM partners such as Dell EMC and Lenovo, and HPE and mind the authentication server of the department.

These features are under development, and certification of Xeon Skylake servers sold by HPE and Cisco is in progress. Pricing details will be announced later.

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