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DCIM is the Data Center Infrastructure Management (Data Center Infrastructure Management). DCIM aims to manage key infrastructure of the data center through a unified platform, including IT infrastructure such as UPS, thermal management system and servers. Through data analysis and aggregation, maximize the operational efficiency and reliability of data centers. In short, DCIM is a bridge between key infrastructure and IT equipment, and a "powerful tool" to help operators manage data centers ".

Specifically, the Data Center Infrastructure Management (Data Center Infrastructure Management,DCIM) solution can visually display a complete list of all physical and logical assets in the Data Center, indicates the location of cabinets and data centers and the thermal load of cabinets. Data center managers can use this software to build complex hypothetical scenarios and use models to simulate any movement, add or change.

Data Monitoring

DCIM solution can provide the function of automatically searching IT assets and collecting important data to speed up implementation and update asset records at any time, thus helping managers manage effectively.

Asset management

once the assets are checked, the DCIM solution maps the logical data collected during the discovery process and establishes a virtual model for all data center assets.

Modeling and prediction

to effectively manage assets, DCIM provides the data center modeling function and establishes complex hypothesis scenarios, so that you can understand mobile, how any projects in addition and change will affect the power, refrigeration and site of the data center.

Process control

after modeling virtual changes, DCIM provides the functions of defining and controlling the execution of service request processes, using graphical workflows and automated execution mechanisms to improve service delivery and shorten server deployment time, implement ITIL and COBIT best practices.

Management Report

DCIM supports real-time collection of data required for power and environmental measurement standards, and provides business intelligence tools to deliver such information to managers for review.

Improve management efficiency

the DCIM solution provides all the features required to optimize infrastructure management, including high availability, security, resource optimization, and high efficiency. With a single DCIM solution, you can easily meet many challenges, this reduces the pressure on daily data center management.

Quickly respond to business requirements

with the DCIM solution, the data center management team can quickly access detailed information about sites, floor areas, rack capacity, power consumption, heat output, load bearing, and network connection, this allows you to quickly and flexibly respond to changes in business requirements.

Plan equipment installation

the DCIM solution can generate a data center model and record all device requirements in it. If new devices need to be installed, the DCIM solution will recommend installation locations to significantly shorten the time required to plan and install new devices.

Avoid wrong decisions

based on the DCIM solution, data center managers can timely grasp the exact information of power consumption, available space and environmental support, thus effectively avoiding wrong decisions.

Reduce operating costs

just as the required DCIM solution enables you to have an accurate view of infrastructure capacity, thus helping you reduce the cost of excess capacity and the risk of insufficient capacity; it enables you to deeply understand the energy consumption of each equipment, so as to take practical measures to effectively save energy; Etc.

Simplify Management

the DCIM solution can present data in a detailed chart, allowing complex IT infrastructure, data centers, racks, and all IT Elements in racks to be visually presented to managers, so as to manage in an orderly manner and improve management efficiency.

Virtual future decision making

virtualization is one of the changes in data center operations. Virtualization can help data centers optimize the use of network and server hardware by increasing or decreasing the capacity to manage changing loads. DCIM pushes virtualization to the next level. To optimize the utilization of data centers and improve the flexibility of data centers, DCIM can "virtualize" power supply, heat management, and space. No other technology can do this.

Author: data center O & M Management

source: 51CTO

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