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In this section we will learn about Open Source Email Archiving, which can be used in the enterprise environment to archive email messages and attachments.

In this section we will see the features open source email archiving software available these for achieving the emails in the enterprise environment. You can choose the best open source email archiving software as per your business requirement. We have given the list of available open source email archiving software.

Email Archiving software

The email archiving software is used to collect and save the emails in the database for future reference. These software saves the emails in the database, index and provide interface for searching the email data. Software helps the organization to quickly search and find email from the data store. The main aim of the email archiving software is to archive all the emails sent and receive on the email server. These achieved emails can be access from the central repository any time from the central email repository.

Features of open source email archiving software

The open source email archiving software is very important in an organization, as you have to store the client communication and other business communications. The email archiving software will help you in easily achieving your emails at central repository. In your organization its very important to achieve your emails using best email achieving software. If you are manually saving your emails then it becomes very difficult to search a particular email. Your email archiving software should provide following features:

Automatically saving all incoming emailsAutomatically saving all outgoing emailsIndexing the emails for better searchOrganization emails by sender, subject date and recipient.Daily backup of the achieveEasy maintenanceLess running cost - You should find the open source email archiving software and then use in your organization. The hardware requirement of software should also be less. It should give optimum performance on the low end server's also.Virus freeSupport for archiving attachments, calendars, offline pst files, contacts, notes etc.

Open source email archiving software

There are many mail achieving software in the market. But to keep the cost less, you should go for any open source email archiving software. Here is the list of open source email archiving softwares:


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