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Hortonworks resale AtScale the BI-on-Hadoop software


At the Hadoop Summit, Hortonworks, a Hadoop software manufacturer, said that starting from the third quarter, it would resell AtScale software as part of packaged software products around Hortonworks Data Platform. It is said that AtScale has developed AtScale Intelligence Platform, which allows common business analysis tools to access data stored in Hadoop clusters.

AtScale CEO Dave Mariani said that considering Hortonworks market coverage, the relationship between the two sides will allow AtScale to open their own software sales channels, which we believe will further promote new businesses.

Attunity Visibility For Hadoop

Attunity is a developer of big data management software. It has released the latest version of Visibility For Hadoop to help administrators answer questions such as accessing Hadoop data, how to use this data, this process consumes such problems as IT resources. These answers are critical for managing data growth and managing workload performance in the Hadoop data Lake production environment.

The newly released version provides a more comprehensive analysis to help enterprises measure Hadoop data and storage usage, so as to implement more accurate capacity planning, optimize cost performance, meet data Regulatory and regulatory requirements. The new capabilities are extended across different storage layers in Hadoop file systems, and Hadoop data processing engines include MapReduce, Tez, Hive, and Cloudera Impala.

Dataguise DgSecure 6.0

Dataguise released a new version of DgSecure software. Data managers and chief information security officers can use this data-centric security platform to manage sensitive data in traditional relational databases and big data platforms.

Dataguise 6.0 is compatible with a wide range of data platforms and data sources, and supports structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in existing deployed systems and cloud systems. It provides data detection, data protection, and compatibility functions for supervision. In addition, IT supports a wider range of IT and data management frameworks.

The newly released version also simplifies the creation of data security supervision policies by using embedded templates and custom templates.

Hortonworks Previews HDP 2.5

Hortonworks will ship flagship Hortonworks Data Platform software in the third quarter, consistent with the rapid iteration of Hortonworks software promised by Apache Hadoop earlier this year.

HDP 2.5 enhances system security and regulatory capabilities by supporting Apache Ranger and Apache Atlas, respectively. In addition, it supports Apache Zeppelin-a Web-based note-taking tool for creating interactive analysis documents with SQL, Scala, Python, and other development languages. HDP 2.5 integrates the latest version of Apache Ambari to plan, install, and configure Hadoop systems.

Hortonworks also announced the expansion of its Partnerworks partner program, adding programs aimed at recruiting management service providers and serving partners of independent software manufacturers and independent hardware manufacturers.

Koverse 2.0 accelerate data Lake implementation

koverse, a start-up company, has provided a platform called "data Lake in boxes". Koverse said that this platform can collect big data and use it in production more quickly, at the same time, the cost is lower than the existing technologies and practices.

Koverse was founded in 2012 and developed an earlier version of its technology two years ago. Koverse Platform 2.0 was launched on June 21, combining Apache Accumulo "distributed key-value Library" technology with Koverse Universal Indexing Engine.

The co-founders of the company, Paul Brown (Chief Product Officer) and Aaron Cordova (Chief Technology Officer), were once data scientists of the US National Security Agency. They helped develop the earliest Accumulo project, restructure the data infrastructure of the organization to better cope with data analysis. Now they bring these skills to Koverse customers.

Looker upgrades embedded analysis tool set

looker's business intelligence platform provides access to databases or data in the cloud. The company's Powered by Looker tools allow developers to embed these capabilities into applications or use data exploration and analysis functions to develop customized applications.

This week, Looker upgraded its Powered by Looker to include pre-built application modules, pre-built web libraries, application gadgets, enhanced APIs, and new features, for example, you can Javascript a conversation to better embed Looker into an application.

Pepperdata Hadoop Health Check

Pepperdata developed software for managing and improving Hadoop cluster performance. Pepperdata will launch its own Hadoop Health Check plan, under which Pepperdata use its own software to comprehensively evaluate Hadoop clusters with more than 100 nodes. The software collects and analyzes Hadoop performance data, generates detection reports, points out users or tasks that consume too much IT resources, finds out the unused cluster capacity, and marks the bottleneck.

Talend releases updated big data integration platform

Talend has released a new version of the Talend Data Fabric platform, which is used to integrate Data and applications in the existing environment or cloud.

The newly released Talend Data Preparation software is part of the Data Fabric system, providing extended self-service Data Preparation capabilities for a wide range of enterprise users, instead of being limited to a small number of users who understand data like many data preparation tools. Talend indicates that this tool set provides a more intuitive data preparation function, combined with role-based shared database access.

The new features in Talend Data Mapper help enterprises to easily operate large-scale datasets, identify Data models and new business opportunities, and better operate the enterprise Data Lake. Talend Data Fabric also added Talend Integration Cloud communication between Amazon Redshift Data Integration and Secure Socket Layer.

Teradata win support for Presto

teradata, an enterprise data warehouse manufacturer, announced the release of Presto SQL-on-Hadoop software from many data analysis software manufacturers.

Presto was originally developed by Facebook. It is an open-source Distributed query engine that can run interactive queries on various data sources, including Apache Hive, Apache Cassandra, Hadoop Distributed File System, relational databases, and even proprietary databases. Teradata Presto distribution is part of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

Software developers supporting Teradata Presto include Tableau, Looker, Information Builders, Qlik and Zoomdata. MicroStrategy and Microsoft are cooperating to authenticate their business intelligence tools to support the software.

Waterline Data Software Support Apache Atlas

Waterline Data software developed by Smart Data Catalog will save Data Lake assets, improve Data discovery, and make it easier for enterprises to obtain value from these assets.

Smart Data Catalog has now integrated Hortonworks Data Platform open-source Data supervision technology in Apache Atlas. With. Waterline Smart Data Catalog,Apache Atlas Users can Use Automatic process replace manual metadata token, assortment Data Lake assets and improve Data regulation.

Zoomdata Visual Analytics support MapR and Apache Drill

Zoomdata provides a big data visualization analysis platform that can process large and complex queries in existing and cloud environments in real time.

Zoomdata software is now certified to support Hadoop-based MapR Converged Data Platform, and the two companies are working together to enhance product integration and support.

As part of the cooperation, Zoomdata said that it had developed an "Smart Connector", which was used to connect its software to Apache Drill-the open source SQL query engine, users access data in various NoSQL databases and file systems.

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