Why web sites are vulnerable to DDoS attacks-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

Web server protection is undoubtedly a hot topic. With the mature technology, people's expectations for convenience are getting higher and higher. Server Web applications have become the carrier of mainstream business systems. The value of data stored in key Web business systems on the Web has attracted the attention of attackers. Web vulnerability attacks and online vulnerabilities of attack tools have lowered the attack threshold, and make the attack blind and random. For example, batch search based on the GoogleHacking principle and known vulnerabilities in applications, as well as SQL annotation and horse-hanging. However, for important Web applications (such as operators or financial departments), hackers who are always interested in continuous tracking. If traditional "large and safe" security products can withstand most attacks generated by tools, then targeted attacks are powerless. However, anti-DDoS pro CDN is the demand for high-end professional security products, which is the inevitable trend of market demand.

Basic methods of anti-DDoS protection for CDN. The following is the security and daily maintenance of the website by the network engineer ruixun network Yang Jiaming:

1. Ensure the security of the server system first, ensure that the server software does not have any vulnerabilities to prevent attackers from invading. Make sure that the server uses the latest system with security patches. Delete unused services on the server and close unused ports. For servers running on the website, make sure they have the latest patches and no security vulnerabilities. 2. Hide the real IP address of the server and add CDN transfer to the front end of the server (Waf shield machine, 360 website guard, accelerated music, domain name forwarding, etc.). If you have rich funds, you can buy anti-DDoS pro, to hide the real IP address of the server, the domain name is resolved using the name of the CDN IP, and all resolved subdomains use the IP address of the CDN. In addition, other domain names deployed on the server cannot use real IP resolution, all of which are solved by using CDN. In addition, to prevent the server from sending information to leak IP addresses, the most common is that the server does not use the email sending function. If you want to send emails, you can send them through a third-party agent (such as sendcloud), therefore, the IP address is the proxy IP address. In short, as long as the server does not disclose the real IP address, large-traffic DDOS attacks cannot be blocked through CDN. CDN defense is required for stable business development. Naxun network is efficient, stable, 7x 24 online protection, providing customers with perfect solutions. For more servers, see naxun network.

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