Deserve it! Flink becomes the most active open source project of Apache Foundation-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

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2019 is still a great year for Apache Software Foundation (ASF): it marks 20 years for The open-source leader Apache The Apache Way. ASF's slogan, "Community is more important than Code" (Community Over Code), runs through everything it does. Billions of people around the world benefit from Community-led software worth more than 20 billion dollars, 100% free.

During the year, Flink ranked top in many Apache projects due to the participation and contribution of the community:

  • 3 Apache Project Repositories by Commits

Apache project

  1. total number of projects and subprojects: 339.
  2. Top-level projects: 206.
  3. Incubation projects of Apche incubator: 46.
  4. Apache Software Foundation Committee (non-project):11.
  5. Other categories, including O & M/support: 60.


  1. Apache submitters: 7203 (7038 active users).
  2. Apache Software Foundation member (Individual):765.
  3. Newly elected members: 40.

Apache project and code

3081 Apache submitters submitted 171689 code and changed 59309787 lines of code. In 2019, the number of people who contributed to the Apache project reached 12250, a record high. In 2019, more than 75% of the contributors were new members of Apache.

Top five submitters:

  1. Andrea Cosentino:3841 times of submission; Change 588217 lines of code.
  2. Tilman Hausherr:2791 times of submission; Change 64805 lines of code.
  3. Claus Ibsen:2562 times of submission, 628919 lines of code changed.
  4. Jean-Baptiste onofré: 2498 submitted; Change 81563 lines of code.
  5. Mark Thomas:2452 times of submission; Change 331234 lines of code.

Top five Apache project repositories by submission times:

  1. Camel
  2. HBase
  3. Flink
  4. Beam
  5. Hadoop

top five Apache project repositories by line of code:

  1. NetBeans (8354466 rows)
  2. OpenOffice (7828646 rows)
  3. flex(whiteboard:523377 lines)
  4. Mynewt (core:4108323 lines)
  5. Flex (SDK:3933522 lines)

email list

total number of emails: 1399.

19385 authors sent 2116421 emails involving 1116478 topics.

  1. Flink
  2. Lucene-Solr
  3. Ignite
  4. Kafka
  5. Tomcat

  1. Beam
  2. Flink
  3. Tomcat
  4. Royale
  5. NetBeans

contributor License Agreement and software authorization

In 2019, an average of 187 new code contributors and 1670 new users submitted questions each month. Individuals granted write access to Apache repositories must submit a personal Contributor License Agreement (Individual Contributor License Agreement,ICLA). As part of the employment Agreement, companies that assign employees to participate in Apache projects may sign an enterprise Contributor License Agreement (Corporate Contributor License Agreement,CCLA) to contribute intellectual property rights through the company. Individuals or companies that donate existing Software or documents to Apache projects need to sign a formal Software license Agreement (Software Grant Agreement ,SGA) with Apache Software Foundation.

  1. Individual Contributor License Agreement: 759.
  2. Enterprise Contributor License Agreement: 34.
  3. Donations: 40 items.

sponsorship and personal support

thanks to the generous support of hundreds of individual donors and sponsors, whose generous support provided daily operating expenses for Apache Software Foundation, including infrastructure, accounting, legal affairs, fund raising, marketing, publicity, and other services.

  1. Platinum Sponsor : Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Leaseweb, Microsoft, Pineapple Fund, Tencent, and Verizon Media.
  2. Gold Sponsor : Anonymous, ARM, Bloomberg, Handshake, Huawei, IBM, Indeed, Union Investment, and Workday.
  3. Silver Sponsor: Aetna, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Baidu, Budget Direct, Capital One, CarGurus, Cerner, Inspur, ODPi, Private Internet Access, Red Hat, and Target.
  4. Bronze Sponsor : Airport Rentals,, The Blog Starter, Bookmakers, Cash Store, Casino2k, Cloudsoft, The Economic Secretariat, emerio, Footprints Recruiting, Gundry MD,,, Journal Review, LeoVegas Indian Online Casino, Host Advice, Mutuo Kredit AG, Online Holland Casino, ProPrivacy, PureVPN, RX-M,, Site Builder Report, Start a Blog by Ryan Robinson, Talend, The Best VPN, top 10V PN, Twitter, and Web Hosting Secret Revealed.

Targeted sponsors of Apache Software Foundation provide non-financial contributions to specific activities or projects of the Foundation.

  1. Targeted Platinum Sponsors: CloudBees, DLA Piper, JetBrains, Microsoft, OSU Open Source Labs, Sonatype, and Verizon Media.
  2. Targeted Gold Sponsors: Atlassian, The CrytpoFund, Datadog, PhoenixNAP, and Quenda.
  3. Targeted Silver Sponsors: Amazon Web Services, HotWax Systems, and Rackspace.
  4. Targeted Bronze Sponsors: Bintray, Education Networks of America, Google, Hopsie, No-IP, PagerDuty, Peregrine Computer Consultants Corporation,, SURFnet, and Virtru.

our members, submitters, contributors, users, supporters and sponsors jointly promote our mission of providing open source software for the public interest. To learn more about Apache Software Foundation activities, please read the annual report for fiscal year 2019:

cheers, for the glorious 2020!

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