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1. Introduction

Spring Cloud Alibaba is a one-stop microservice construction solution based on Alibaba's internal distributed technology, which was launched by Alibaba's middleware team in July 2018. Based on the Spring Cloud microservice framework standards, it aims at core modules in the microservice architecture, such as service registration and discovery, distributed messages, service throttling and degradation, and distributed transactions, both of them provide mature industry-oriented solutions. The relationship between them and Spring Cloud is shown in the following figure:

based on Spring Cloud Alibaba, you only need to add some annotations and a few configurations to connect Spring Cloud applications to the Alibaba microservice solution, and quickly build a stable and reliable distributed application system through Alibaba middleware.

2. Main functions

among the numerous implementation schemes in the Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Alibaba plays an important role in the Spring Cloud ecological family by virtue of its most supporting components and the most perfect scheme. The following figure shows the comparison between Spring Cloud Alibaba and other Spring Cloud ecosystem solutions:

Spring Cloud Alibaba provides a set of microservice system construction solution components as follows:

3. Quick start

in order to enable developers to learn and get started quickly. In December 2020, the project maintenance team, together with Alibaba Cloud Zhihang laboratory, launched a series of Spring Cloud Alibaba introductory courses and Java engineering scaffolding tools to help developers quickly understand and build Spring Cloud Alibaba projects. Spring Cloud Alibaba introductory series of courses can be found in homepage of Zhihang lab obtain:

based on Alibaba Cloud Java scaffolding, developers can avoid complex dependency management and use scaffolding tools to select required dependencies to generate project templates that contain relevant dependencies for developers to download and use. The following figure shows the construction process of related projects:

after introducing the Spring Cloud Alibaba, Spring Cloud Alibaba 2.2.7 released this time has significantly upgraded many components, including the registration configuration center and distributed messages:

  • RocketMQ: the RocketMQ branch of the previous project is integrated into the main branch of the project, and the iteration is released along with the major version, so that users can directly use the batch messages supported by the Spring Cloud Alibaba in the latest RocketMQ, many new features, such as asynchronous message callback processing and specifying the consumption start bit in Push mode.
  • Spring Boot: the Spring Boot version is upgraded to version 2.3.12. Compared with the previous version 2.3.2, it not only upgrades the dependencies of a large number of underlying components, but also adds some new features. It also fixes many remaining problems and improves the stability of the framework.
  • Spring Cloud: the Spring Cloud version is upgraded to Hoxton.SR12. Compared with the previous Hoxton.SR9, the stability of basic components is further improved.

In addition to component upgrades, many problems existing in previous versions have been fixed, further improving the stability and robustness of Spring Cloud Alibaba. For more information, see release Announcement . For more information about the relationship between Spring Cloud Alibaba and Spring Cloud and current versions of Spring Boot, see Wiki on the official website. Description .

after more than three years of rapid development, up to now, Spring Cloud Alibaba has released 26 versions. The cumulative number of stars on GitHub has exceeded 2 million, and the number of folk has reached 6.4k, the number of users has reached 19.4K, and the key data is far ahead of similar open-source microservice projects launched by major cloud vendors at home and abroad.

In addition to supporting the daily complex microservice application scenarios of the Alibaba economy, Spring Cloud Alibaba is also widely used by thousands of external enterprise users in production scenarios.

In the future, Spring Cloud Alibaba will continue to be aligned with the development and evolution of mainstream versions of Spring Cloud. In the near future, Spring Cloud 2021.X and 2.2.X versions corresponding to the current mainstream versions of Spring Cloud Alibaba 2020.0.X and Hoxton will be supported at the same time. In the future, the community will continue to make efforts to improve the stability of Nacos, RocketMQ, Spring Cloud Dubbo and other components currently supported and to enrich the functions supported by components. (You are also welcome to raise an issue to tell the community the specific direction of the project that you think is worth evolving :)

finally, as a well-known open source project in the industry, the future development still needs to rely on the joint efforts of the community, and new employees are welcome to join us! As long as you can contribute 3 to 5 times of community recognition of valuable Pull requests, you will have the opportunity to be invited to become a community Collaborator and jointly lead the future development and construction of the community!

in addition to open-source Spring Cloud Alibaba, the Alibaba Cloud microservice Engine (Microservices Engine,MSE) launched by the Alibaba Cloud middleware team provides full-link phased release, A large number of enterprise-level microservice governance features, including lossless online and offline, service warm-up, and removal of outsourced instances, allow users to connect applications to MSE without changing a line of code, provides low-cost enterprise-level microservice governance capabilities. In addition to microservice governance, MSE also provides enterprise-level Nacos registration configuration center and enterprise-level cloud-native gateway products to help enterprise users quickly embrace cloud-native microservices.

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