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In the past two years, the investment and financing industry of artificial intelligence has become hot. Does it mean that the artificial intelligence market will soon be detonated? Anyway, the editor is still looking forward to seeing high-intelligence AI products appear in our life early.
First, I 'd like to give you a few ai financing cases to warm up. All of them are new start-ups and all of them are fresh meat. On September 2016, bell Science and Education received an investment of more than 80 million yuan. The domain name on the group's official website is bell.ai. 2017-01 suddenly I realized that I got A round of investment of $10 million. The domain name on the official website is mor.ai 2017-05 multi-language AI platform Vernacular invested, official website domain name Vernacular.ai 2017-06 People received A round of financing of $7 million, and the domain name on the official website is People.ai 2017-06 Drive completed round B financing of $50 million, the official website domain name is Drive.ai 2017-06 Wu Enda, former chief scientist of Baidu, started his own business and launched Deeplearning.ai on the official website 2017-07 Baidu purchased KITT.AI, the official website domain name is kitt.ai . ... ..... The. ai domain name is the suffix of the top-level country domain name in Anguilla. Due to its corresponding Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI for short), it is more and more widely used in the Artificial Intelligence industry. High-tech enterprises such as Google and Intel have also activated ai domain names. ai domain name details: http://www.iisp.com/domain/intro_ai.php? s=hyc artificial intelligence is an important platform direction in the next technological innovation. Many AI technologies have existed more than a decade ago, and their development in recent years has made them reach a historical turning point. The prosperity of the mobile Internet has pushed data accumulation to an unprecedented scale and greatly improved its technical capabilities, enabling AI to solve previously unresolved practical problems in many industries. AI is the future trend. At present, it has emerged in the cutting-edge fields such as voice recognition, service robots, unmanned driving, and virtual reality. A market feast of hundreds of billions of dollars is being opened. Top 30 global AI independent enterprise financing amount (2013-2016)
top 30 financing amount of artificial intelligence enterprises in China (2013-2016)
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