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On April 24th, at the sub-forum "5G KC (Mobile Edge Computing, Mobile Edge Computing) Edge Cloud empowers the digital transformation of the industry" held at the China Unicom partner conference, alibaba Cloud's "new retail application case based on 5G edge computing" won the 2019 outstanding business case Award of KC, accelerating the empowerment of new retail scenarios of 5G KC and promoting industrial development.

In the era of new retail, Alibaba has restructured people-Goods-markets to further provide solutions for scenarios such as clothing, FMCG, consumer electronics, Meijia, automobile, supermarket chain, real estate, catering, and tourism. Alibaba Cloud Edge computing is based on ten-year Apsara technology accumulation and top AI technology support, and combines Alibaba Group's ecological advantages in the new retail field, in product production, logistics monitoring, fully explore scenarios such as commodity consumption.

Based on the 5G Hotspot coverage, the award-winning new retail solution of Alibaba Cloud 5G KC transmits videos back through a stable and reliable link. It also implements local video service diversion and local video AI analysis with the help of KC, effectively reduces bandwidth load and cloud center pressure, and provides powerful infrastructure for efficient and intelligent production.

The integrated delivery model of cloud, network, and business also frees the new retail industry from the traditional self-built IT infrastructure and O & amp; M work to the flexible one-click use of edge computing services on demand, significantly reduce comprehensive investment costs and simplify O & M.

Zhu Zhaoyuan, head of Alibaba Cloud edge computing, said at the scene that clothing manufacturing is a typical industry of new retail and has been facing pain points such as low information level, long cycle and low efficiency.

Alibaba Cloud's new retail solution of 5G KC based on edge computing builds a bridge between OT (manufacturing data) and IT(ERP data) on the basis of KC to realize wide and narrow band integrated data communication and processing, equipped with LTE intelligent terminal station machine and AI capability on the edge side, connecting with the MES/ERP system of the factory can effectively improve workers' performance, control quality and detection efficiency, and realize cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

At the same time, Alibaba Cloud is fully building the software infrastructure capabilities of edge computing. Through capabilities such as computing power scheduling platforms, containers, functions, big data, and AI, build an open ecosystem of Cloud Edge-end collaboration.

For example, edge computing will be fully containerized and implement the DevOps capability of container K8S on edge nodes. Through the cloud-edge multi-region unified container hosting service, users can quickly sink their businesses to the edge, shorten the service response time.

The Edge node service ENS will also be combined with Link IoT Edge to provide the industry with a low-latency and easy-to-access Edge universal computing platform, as well as IoT device management services to reach the nearest kilometer of users, it helps industries such as new retail, new manufacturing, urban brain, smart logistics, and smart home to achieve digital and intelligent transformation of the industrial internet in the 5G era.

In the future, Alibaba Cloud will continue to implement the concept of "integration, openness, cooperation and win-win", export the Edge Computing Community Edition, cooperate with the ecosystem to launch edge integration products integrating software and hardware, and continue to lead the formulation of industry standards.

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