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The 2016 Mobile Edge Computing KC Technology Forum, sponsored by people's posts and telecommunications press and undertaken by the communication world all-media platform, was held in Beijing. Chu Linbo, the chief engineer of product planning of ZTE, delivered a speech on the theme of "The Road of network transformation and edge computing" on the forum. KC technology is crucial for the future evolution of the network to the interconnection of everything. ZTE's 5G KC solution has been tested in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu.

Chu Linbo said that in the future, 5G will not only be applied to wireless communication networks, but will be deeply integrated and managed with the Internet to realize the interconnection of everything between the Internet of Things and the Internet of machines. In order to meet the requirements of high speed, large connection, low latency and high reliability of 5G network, mobile network needs to be transformed urgently. The development requirements of "cloud computing-cloud services-Pan-services" propose a whole-network arbitrary Business soft network architecture for future networks, which will push information civilization into human-machine intelligence civilization.

Under this circumstance, ZTE put forward the CGO concept: Cool (fashionable and convenient), Green (virtualized architecture, no need to repeat construction), Open (Open platform, create new market).

With the features of localization, close proximity, low latency, location perception, and the ability to obtain network context information, KC can create new value chains and ecosystems, so that each role of the whole industry chain can benefit from the strengthened cooperation. At the same time, operators open the RAN interface to authorized third-party vendors, allowing third-party vendors to flexibly and quickly deploy innovative applications and services. In addition, with the evolution of the network, KC plays an increasingly important role in meeting the service requirements of 4G and 5G networks with low latency and high bandwidth.

ZTE has explored in depth in the field of KC and proposed the 2020 elastic network architecture model. Highlights such as the virtualization elastic architecture, complete protection mechanism, and open business platform of ZTE's KC solution.

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