China Unicom prepares 5G MWC to release the white paper on Edge-Cloud platform architecture and industry ecosystem-Alibaba Cloud Developer Community

From February 26th to March 1st, China Unicom was invited to attend the 2018MWC world mobile communication conference as the only Chinese operator participating in the GSMA smart city exhibition area, china Unicom proposed a service-driven 5G network slice-oriented evolution idea to provide customers with consistent network services from 4G to 5G evolution stages, implement network evolution under smooth service transition ". The highlight of China Unicom's participation in this year is the white paper on China Unicom's Edge-Cloud platform architecture and industrial ecology jointly released with ZTE and Intel on February 27.

Edge-Cloud can meet users' demands for low-latency, high-bandwidth, and localized business experience, improve network efficiency, and create new business models. The white paper jointly released this time focuses on the Edge-Cloud platform architecture and evolution roadmap of China Unicom, and combines the standardization progress of Edge computing technology and the current status of the industry chain, this topic describes the key business and application cases of China Unicom in building the Edge-Cloud platform. Facing the business development needs of 5G solid-mobile integration and the Evolution direction of network cloud, China Unicom is committed to building an open and open-source edge business platform to implement elastic deployment of computing, storage, network and accelerator resources, provides application developers with rich platform service capabilities and unified APIs to accelerate business incubation of edge applications.

Shao Guanglu, deputy general manager of China Unicom, said that one of the key points of China Unicom's digital transformation is to sink high-bandwidth, low-latency, and localized services to the edge of the network. In the Edge-Cloud pilot project, China Unicom will work with more industry partners to focus on business scenarios such as HD video, VR/AR, industrial internet, and internet of vehicles, build a 5G network edge ecosystem.

Previously, a partner of China Unicom introduced that the 5G network of China Unicom will take DC as the core and deploy network elements hierarchically according to business requirements, build a unified cloud platform to implement network elasticity and automated O & M. Edge-Cloud is a distributed open platform that integrates network, computing, storage, application, and acceleration resources at the Edge of the network. It includes a site data center, integrated access data center, and Edge DC Architecture, it can quickly respond and shorten the time to launch new services.

At the press conference, China Unicom announced the official launch of Edge-Cloud pilot projects and pilot commercial network construction in 15 provinces and cities, covering campuses, venues, parks, industrial internet, internet of vehicles and other scenarios. Taking the opportunity of hybrid transformation, China Unicom will quickly build a unified edge DC cloud resource pool on the basis of strengthening the pipeline capacity and open a new window for strategic cooperation with OTT.

At present, China Unicom has joined hands with ZTE, Intel, Tencent Video, Xingyao technology, Hanbai technology and other partners to build an Edge-Cloud test bed in Tianjin Jingjin university town to conduct Edge vCDN, deployment verification in various business scenarios, such as edge transcoding and edge intelligent analysis. Take the edge vCDN as an example. Compared with the traditional CDN method, the average RTT latency of the edge vCDN is reduced by 50%, and the HTTP download rate is increased by 43%, it can not only reduce bandwidth pressure and latency loss caused by network transmission and multi-level forwarding, but also help content providers reduce costs and improve user experience.

There are more than one Highlights. At this year's exhibition, China Unicom joined hands with Alibaba's "smart selection acceleration" business to show the audience the innovative application of the combination of Internet differentiation service and mobile office, it describes the future office scenarios of intelligentization and is also a preview of 5G vertical applications. In the future, China Unicom will provide users with better and more intelligent network services through its new exploration in cloud-network integration with its partners, combining cutting-edge technologies such as NFV and KC, as well as the open-source network software platform CORD.

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